7 Telltale Signs You May Need a New Roof

new roof
Nothing lasts forever, so eventually, you’ll need a new roof. Hopefully, you won’t need to think about a roof replacement for many years. However, if you notice any of the warning signs listed below, the right time to replace your roof may be sooner than you think. No. 1: Roof Leaks Water leaking in is arguably the most obvious sign you may need a new roof — or at least a major repair. Leaks usually start in the attic, and left unrepaired, spread to the rooms below. Water stains and sagging ceilings are indicators of serious roof damage. No. 2: Saggy Roof Any type of s

How to Spot Hail Damage on Your Roof

Spot Hail Damage
Do you know how to identify hail damage on your home’s roof? If your area was hit by a hailstorm this spring (as many were), your roof may need repair. But roof damage from hail often goes unnoticed until much later, when cracks and leaks begin to appear. Hail damage isn’t always easy to spot, but you’ll have better luck if you know what to look for — and what to do about it if you find it. Factors that Affect Hail Damage to Roofs The type and degree of roof damage caused by a hailstorm can vary greatly. Four factors play a role in determining the level of roof dam

4 Steps to Effective Commercial Roof Maintenance

commercial roof maintenance
Do you have a commercial roof maintenance plan in place? The roof of any commercial building needs to be kept watertight. If water manages to find a way through (or around) the roofing surface, damage can be significant. Leaks could affect the interior insulation, ceilings, walls and electrical systems. Inventory and equipment could also be damaged or destroyed. Implementing a roof maintenance program can help prevent costly damage and protect your investment. And if you take a proactive stance, it can be simple and cost-effective. No. 1: Schedule Regular Commercial Roof Ins

Free Roofing Estimates in Utah — What’s the Catch?

roofing estimate
Do all Utah roofers offer free roofing estimates? What’s up with that? Very few businesses offer truly free services these days, and as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. So, what’s the catch? There has to be some sneaky reason roofing contractors don’t charge for consultations, right? Actually, free estimates for roof repair or replacement come with no strings attached — at least from reputable Utah roofers. Why Do We Offer Free Roofing Estimates? Professional roofers are in the business to earn a living, just like everybody else. So wouldn’t it ma

3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Roof Repair

If you’re the handy type, DIY roof repair might seem like a good idea. Why not do the work yourself and save a little money? Actually, we can name a few very good reasons roof repair is a job best left to the experts — a licensed, local roofing contractor, to be specific. No. 1: Professional Roof Repair Is Quick How long did your last DIY home repair project take? If you’re like most homeowners, completing a roof repair project could take several days or weeks. During that time, your home will be left vulnerable. If the roof deck is exposed when bad weather hits, you could en