3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Roofing Snow Removal Service

Business owners and facilities managers already have demanding jobs. Anything can go wrong with the properties you oversee, and you’re never really off duty. But the winter especially brings specific challenges for professionals that manage commercial properties. From winterizing your buildings to real-time snow and ice management, winter storm planning is serious business. One important piece of your winter property management strategy is hiring a commercial roofing snow removal service. Before you go out and make a hire, here are three questions to ask that’ll help you make the best choice for your business.

knockout roofing commercial roof snow removal

  1. Do they offer a site assessment and detailed proposal along with their estimate?

Every successful snow removal service begins with a detailed site assessment. Trained snow management professionals will visit your building, walk the full site and roof, take inventory of your roofing materials, and any special needs your property may have. The primary focus of a commercial roofing snow removal team’s efforts is to safely and efficiently protect your roof and building by clearing roof and snow from your building.

However, it’s also important to understand the plans for transporting that snow away from your building and preventing secondary icing on parking and walking surfaces. Roof snow removal also often requires coordination with your ground snow removal vendor. The best firms will walk you through each step of their proposed plan, demonstrating a detailed understanding of your unique situation.

  1. What are their hours and timing guarantees?

As much as you’d probably love the chance to curl up with a hot chocolate during a snowstorm, your business doesn’t stop operating just because of inclement weather. It’s important to understand what guarantees your snow removal team provides. Are they available around the clock, weekends, and holidays to deal with unexpected storms? As a valued commercial client, do you get priority service? Do they have enough equipment, vehicles, and personal to service all their clients in a timely fashion?

The right contractor for your business is available, accessible, and affordable when considered vis-à-vis your needs. Contractually, they need to commit to reasonable minimums and offer remedies if these commitments aren’t met. You should also have an account manager or other point of contact that you can reach in case of emergencies or questions.

  1. What’s their position on equipment, safety, and insurance?

Hiring a commercial snow roof removal service provider keeps your staff and building safe. But it’s also important to understand what the company’s approach is to safety. Here are three things to look for:

–        Your contractor should use specialized equipment, including shovels, blowers, and other machinery, that’s made for flat roofing. This minimizes the chance of damaging your roofing.

–        An ideal contractor uses OSHA approved equipment, fall minimization equipment, and has an onsite supervisor to oversee staff performance. They also have guidelines, procedures, and techniques in place to keep their staff safe.

–        When dealing with inclement weather and removing snow from roofs, accidents happen despite the best safety precautions. It’s important to know that your snow removal service carries the minimum insurances, including workman’s compensation and business insurance. Always obtain proof of insurance prior to signing a contract or allowing a contractor to begin work on your property.

Hiring a commercial snow removal service to help care for your roof is an investment in your building’s future. You minimize the chance of water and weight damage, and protect your building’s valuable interior, furniture, and equipment. Before signing a contract or making a hire, ensure that you’re asking the right questions. Doing your due diligence ahead of time will help you make the right choice for your business’ needs. Contact us today to learn more about Knockout’s expert commercial roofing snow removal services.