4 Roofing Shortcuts That Can Damage Your Home

Roofing Shortcuts

There are many wrong ways to install roofs, and roofing shortcuts emphasize mistakes that inexperienced or dishonest roofing contractors make. In an effort to save money and time, they are cheating you out of a quality roof, and your money is going to waste.

Don’t hire a contractor who thinks the following roofing shortcuts are OK:

Installing a New Roof Over an Old Roof

A “recover” roofing job is not the way to go. In fact, it’s illegal in some towns and states. Laying down new shingles over old shingles will not produce quality results. Even though it’s much faster than a complete tear-off, the new roof will break down quickly. The shingles will curl, the granules will shed and mold will grow.

Never trust a roofing contractor who tells you it’s acceptable to re-roof over an old roof — they aren’t telling the truth.

Using Staples Instead of Nails

One of the most common roofing shortcuts is using staples instead of nails. This makes the job go much quicker for the roofers, but it also will make your shingles fly off quicker too. Staples are barely even an inch long. They do not adequately secure shingles to a roof deck.

Also, watch out for contractors who don’t use enough nails on each shingle. They should closely follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and firmly hammer each nail in at the right location on the shingle.

All nail heads should be concealed by the next shingle. This ensures they won’t rust and that your roof has proper decking coverage and protection from the elements.

Ignoring the Need for an Underlayment

When you live in a climate with plenty of rain and snow, don’t depend on contractors who take roofing shortcuts by “forgetting” — or choosing not to — install a felt underlayment on the roof deck. You need a protective moisture barrier to guard against rot and mold.

The next high wind or ice dam could result in major water damage.

Reusing Old Materials

Is your contractor trying to tell you that you can reuse flashing, vents and the drip edge? Get a new contractor. This is false and another of the major roofing shortcuts some companies take to lower costs.

It doesn’t make sense to save a few hundred dollars by reusing old materials when there is a chance that this move could jeopardize the integrity of a roof worth far more than that. Insist that your roofing contractor uses all new materials so you get the longest life out of your new roof.

You can trust Knockout Roofing not to take these roofing shortcuts at your expense — get a free quote today and start planning your roof replacement project with an experienced team made up of professionals with integrity.