5 Signs of a Reliable Roofing Company

Reliable Roofing Company

Some roofing companies view their work as a craft, taking pride in delivering high-quality results, and most of all, focusing on making sure their clients are completely satisfied with their roof.

How do you find a company like this? These five steps can help guide you in your search.

Comprehensive Written Estimates Before Hire

A reliable roofing company will always provide clear, comprehensive written estimates upon request, and they will not charge you a cent. While estimates can involve a bit of guesswork in that the roofer won’t know about any damage the company might find once the job begins, the estimate will contain provisions for additional work that may need to be done once the project starts.

Long History of Reputable Local Service

Don’t trust roofing companies that appear out of nowhere and claim to have a long list of happy customers in another state. This is a sign they are a fly-by-night contractor that gets paid for subpar work and moves along to the next town before the homeowners catch on. An unusually low price may accompany their promise to take care of your roof, but don’t be fooled.

You should only work with a local roofing company with a high-quality reputation. Local roofers also know what specific challenges roofs face in your home’s climate, making them better-suited to the job.

Clear Communication at All Times

Work with a roofing company that respects your time. If they will be late for an appointment, they should call you in advance and tell you. This type of consideration is the first sign that when they project a completion timeline for your home’s roof, they will be telling the truth, not making false promises just to get your business.

Local Licenses and Professional Insurance

Most towns and cities require builders to hold a license in their field. They should also carry adequate insurance so you are not at risk if a worker sustains an injury on your property. Licensure and insurance coverage are two non-negotiable must-haves for any reliable roofing company.

Follow-Up Service and Maintenance

Trust an organization that offers periodic maintenance on their work after the project is complete. The assurance that they will respond to any roofing emergency or need for repair in the future is a sure sign of reliability. They will stand behind their work and make sure you and your home are safe and secure for years to come.

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