5 Tips for Hiring Commercial Roofing Contractors

Commercial Roofing

Not all residential roofers are commercial roofing contractors, and vice versa. Commercial roofs may require drastically different regulations and best practices. For example, a majority of commercial roofs are flat tops. The methods for installing and repairing a flat roof requires different expertise than for pitched roofs.

In some instances, a reputable roofing company has contractors skilled in servicing both types of roofs. They should also be have experience working in the geographical region. For example, choosing the right materials and installing a roof to handle a winter in Utah is different than what you would need for a roof to withstand a winter in Hawaii. That’s why your local, neighborhood commercial roofing contractors are a better choice than hiring a contractor with limited local experience.

If this is your first time hiring a commercial roofing contractor, you want to make the best choice possible. All your options aren’t equal. Here are your must-haves when hiring commercial roofers:

  • S280 General Roofing Contractor License: Every state has different licensing requirements, but in Utah, a commercial roofing contractor needs an S280 license. It’s not enough to simply ask contractors if they have this license. You should also get a copy of it to cross-check credentials and ensure it’s still valid.
  • General liability, workers compensation and unemployment insurance: These three types of insurance are the most common, minimum requirements of contractors and commercial roofing companies. Just like with the license, get copies for proof. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a legal mess if an accident occurs while contractors are working on your roof.
  • At least four years of full-time experience: This should be simple, since four years of full-time experience in the previous 10 years is a requirement for licensing in Utah. Still, it’s important to ask. Get testimonials and references if possible, then actually follow up with verification.
  • Utah experience: You don’t want a recent transplant who doesn’t understand the region working on your roof. Let them get their “Utah legs” somewhere else, and hire a real local who’s called Utah home for a while to take care of you and your roof.
  • A reasonable budget and time frame: Surprises happen, like when winter comes early. It’s dangerous for anyone, including expert roofers, to keep working in a blizzard. Contingencies should be built into your contract that cover acts of God, as well as a reasonable agreement on budget and project completion.

The end of summer is the perfect time for commercial property owners and managers to take care of their roofing needs. Get yourself covered, well and literally, before the winter months. Call Knockout Roofing to connect with local commercial roofing contractors in your neighborhood.