Benefits of Installing a Skylight


A skylight can turn the most undesirable, musty room into a cheery, inviting space. From the reduction in electricity usage to the many health benefits provided by increased daylight, skylights have much to offer homeowners who elect to place them in their roofs. Learn more about the advantages of installing a skylight and decide whether this roof update is right for your home.

Health Advantages

Natural sunlight increases exposure to vitamins D and B1, leading to a higher production of serotonin, which regulates mood and helps prevent seasonal affective disorder. Energy levels and productivity are heightened in naturally lit areas. Dark rooms contribute to depression development, drowsiness and fatigue. Sunlight has the opposite effect, providing stimulation to the brain, lowering blood pressure and decreasing stress.

In addition to the health benefits provided through sunlight exposure, the brightness will work against mold development. Mold and mildew thrive in dark, moist environments, can lead to interior and exterior home structural damage, and can contribute to illness in the home’s inhabitants. A well-lit area with plenty of daylight will not experience mold growth to the same degree.

Energy Savings

Due to the increase in natural light, less electricity is needed to carry out tasks. Homeowners will save money on their electric and heating bills, since daylight filtering through skylights also provides warmth to the room in cold months.

Increased Ventilation

Installing a skylight able to open remotely or with a crank is also a useful method of promoting improved ventilation throughout the room. Air quality will increase, and during the warmer months, the breeze will cool the room.

Tax Credits

Investing in solar-powered skylights is a wise financial decision – homeowners can receive a federal tax break on their purchase for products installed through the end of 2016. The government offers a direct tax rebate of up to 30 percent, saving homeowners a significant portion of the total bill. As long as the property owners retain a copy of the original receipt and remember to fill out IRS tax form 5695, they can claim the credit on the same year’s return.

Add Value

One of the most crucial aspects of a home’s appeal to potential buyers is natural light. Skylights increase daylight in otherwise dark spaces, brightening the room and adding depth. Once the other benefits offered by skylight installation are taken into account as well, this addition to the home could be a deciding factor in the mind of the potential buyer.

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