What Are the Benefits of Roof Heating Cables?

Roof Heat Cable

Investigating the benefits of roof heating cables can help you decide if installing them is the right choice for your roof. Is the cost of a little over $1,000 worth it for your roof?

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Weather is your roof’s archenemy, especially in winter weather. Heavy snow and layered ice can quickly break down your roof’s defenses. A quality roof should be able to support 20 pounds per square foot. Ten to 12 inches of snow is equal to five pounds per square foot, so your roof should be able to withstand less than four feet of snow without being in danger of collapsing. But if you live in an area with consistent heavy snowfalls, the constant weight can put undue stress on your home, causing shingles and flashing to show early signs of wear and tear.

Roof heating cables assist in melting the snow as it piles up, ensuring that your roof bears a minimal amount of weight at one time. Minimizing winter’s negative effects on your roof can extend its life by many years.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Those sparkling, innocent-looking icicles hanging from your gutters are not as benign as you think. Ice dams are caused by a buildup of ice that prevents melting snow from properly draining. The water that is trapped behind the ice buildup spreads under the shingles back into the house. Your home could suffer thousands of dollars in water damage from ice dams and frozen, blocked gutters.

Installing roof heating cables can eliminate this issue, as ice will not have a chance to form, allowing the home’s drainage system to function normally.

Protect People from Falling Ice and Snow

Ice dams and snow buildup are not only a danger to your roof and the interior of your home, but to people as well. Large chunks of ice hanging from a roof can break off, causing injury to people or damage to property. A slowly dripping ice dam can create a thin sheet of black ice on walkways, steps and driveways, posing a serious danger to those walking beneath.

Heating cables assist in eradicating these risks by directing melting snow and ice to follow their intended drainage path, away from people.

How Do I Get Them?

To get your heating cables, call a professional roofing company and schedule an installation. Though many home-improvement stores sell both cables and heat tape, it is never a smart plan to tackle roofing projects yourself, as lack of training can result in a dangerous fall. The cables are usually installed in one day or less. They are priced per linear foot, so the size of your home will determine the total cost of the project.

Contact Knockout Roofing if you are ready to experience firsthand the benefits of roof heating cables and ensure protection for your roof this winter.