Choosing Roof Replacements With Curb Appeal in Mind

roof replacements curb appeal
If your existing roof is dealing with significant issues like water buildup and major leak concerns, there’s a good chance a proper roof tear-off and re-roofing project is the best choice for you. Both for practical and home value-related reasons, installing a new roof rather than attempting to place a new roofing layer over an old one is generally the right way to go. At Knockout Roofing, we’re here to help with a wide range of residential roofer services, including roof tear-off and re-roofing solutions. While the tear-off portion of the job is very important, just as vital is choos

Priorities When Choosing a Viable Roofing Contractor

choosing viable roofing contractor
If your roof is having issues and you’ve decided that roofing repair is necessary, you’ll likely do what most home or business owners do in situations where property services are required: Compare local options. This is the prudent move for any home or business owner, allowing you to gauge the price ranges and company qualities available to you before choosing the one that best fits your needs – it’s the right approach for a variety of services, not just roofing. At Knockout Roofing, we encourage and appreciate this sort of due diligence. Not only do we want you to get the very be

Early Signs of Moisture Concerns on Your Roof

early signs moisture concerns roof
Roofs are primarily in place as protective barriers to any structure, and one of the top elements they help protect against is moisture and potential water damage inside the home or building. A properly-functioning roof will stop even small leaks of water from making their way inside the home, preventing everything from mold and mildew buildup to significant water and structural damage that may take place with larger leaks or flooding. At Knockout Roofing, our roofing contractors are proud to provide a variety of leaking roof repairs for your home or building as needed, stopping even smal

Situations Dictating Heightened Rain Gutter Attention

There are a number of components in a given home or building that relate directly to each other, and a great example on your structure’s exterior is your roof and your rain gutters. While these are technically different items, they are clearly related and perform tasks that impact one another in important ways, namely draining water to avoid pooling issues or water damage risks. At Knockout Roofing, in addition to our roof repair and other high-quality roofing services, we also offer rain gutter services to all our clients in need. Here are several situations or time periods where you s

Risks Posed by Attempting Unqualified DIY Roofing Repairs

risks unqualified DIY roofing repairs
At Knockout Roofing, we’re your first call when you’re in need of commercial or residential roof repair from trusted, experienced roofers. We’ve been in business for years, servicing every type of roof and every potential issue, from basic leaking roof repairs to large-scale re-roofing projects and everything in between. And believe us, we understand the desire for some homeowners to get up on the roof and make certain repairs themselves. The handiest among us see issues like these and want to fix them with our own hands, a noble and generally positive desire. At the same time, thos