Why Roof Flashing is Important

roof flashing important
When it comes to protecting your commercial roofing materials, there’s no one better than the pros at Knockout Roofing. Our roofing contractors can help with everything from roofing repairs to re-roofing and commercial tear-off, all with your business’s protection and best interests in mind. We have an extensive commercial roof inspection checklist that we use for every commercial building we service. This list includes numerous areas we’ll inspect in fine detail for you, from parapet walls to field seams and drains. One item that appears multiple times on this list, and justifiably s

5 Reasons a Complete Roofing Tear-Off Beats an Overlay Roof

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You have two options – a complete roofing tear-off or an overlay – if your northern Utah home needs a new roof. With an overlay roof, the new shingles are placed on top of the existing roof. A tear-off, on the other hand, involves removing all of the old roofing material first. As you might expect, going the overlay roof route is less expensive and takes less time. However, for several reasons, opting for a complete roofing tear-off is a better long-long term plan. No. 1: Roof Deck Damage How long ago was your existing roof system installed? If you’re like most Utah homeowners

3 Roof Replacement Benefits You May Not Realize

Roof Replacement Benefits
If you’ve been considering a roof replacement for your Utah home but you haven’t quite gotten around to making a decision, you may want to stop procrastinating and get moving on the project. The benefits of replacing the roof on your Utah home are almost too numerous to mention. Of course, you’ll give your home a big boost in curb appeal. You’ll also save money on your monthly energy bills and improve your home’s interior comfort. What you may not realize, however, is that replacing your roof offers homeowners a number of lesser-known – but nonetheless impressive –

Roofing Shingles Comparison: Three-Tab vs. Laminate

Roofing Shingles Comparison: Three-Tab vs. Laminate
Roofing shingles are all the same, right? Although it may have been true in the past, that statement is no longer accurate today. Advanced technology has given our industry some interesting options over the past few years, one of which is laminate shingles. As compared to traditional three-tab asphalt, this product offers some clear advantages that make it preferable for many homeowners. So which type of material is right for you? If you’re considering a new roof, you’ll have to learn a little more to determine the right answer. What Are Three-Tab Roofing Shingles? These are the as

In Utah, Energy Efficient Roofing Can Save Big Money

In Utah, Energy Efficient Roofing Can Save Big Money
Should you consider energy efficient roofing modifications for your Utah home? For many homeowners in the Intermountain West, replacing an older roof with new, energy efficient materials can substantially lower energy consumption – along with the corresponding bills. So-called “cool roofs” – previously only available for low-sloped roofs typically used in commercial applications – are now available for steeper sloped roofs used in most Utah residential designs. What Roofing Materials Are Considered Energy Efficient? Today, industry experts tell us that solar reflectance and