4 Signs Your Roof is Leaking

Leaky Roof
  A roof leak isn’t always obvious. In fact, many leak repairs, if caught early enough, might not even cause water damage at all. Of course you’ll know your roof is leaking when it’s so bad you have to put a bucket in the middle of your living room. At that point, the leak has gone unaddressed for so long (or there was sudden, severe damage) that it’s gone beyond the numerous layers of your roof. All roofs, especially modern ones, are built to withstand natural disasters and inclement weather. If there’s a leak of any size, that’s a serious issue. The best way to pre

When to Plan Your Rental Property Roof Replacement

Rental Property
A rental property roof replacement must be timed correctly. You have to consider availability of funds, convenience of your tenant and your tax-year plans. Here are a few tips on how and when to plan your rental property roof replacement to receive the greatest return on your investment. How Long Are You Holding the Property? First of all, know when the last full tear-off roof replacement was completed on your rental property. Next, sketch out a timeline of your ownership of the building. Do you plan on keeping the property for more than 10 years? If not, you might never have to do a

Why Should You Install a Membrane Roofing System for Your Business?

Membrane Roofing
Installing a membrane roofing system on your building will help to ensure your roof’s longevity. Membrane roofing systems are durable and low-maintenance choices for commercial properties. What makes them different from traditional asphalt roofs? Seamless Construction A membrane roof is unlike a regular shingled roof, due to its lack of seams. Commonly, flat roofs have problems with water leaks because of drainage difficulties. But with a seamless roof, layers of material are fused to make one complete covering for the building. Because of this, it is virtually impossible for water

What Are the Benefits of Roof Heating Cables?

Roof Heat Cable
Investigating the benefits of roof heating cables can help you decide if installing them is the right choice for your roof. Is the cost of a little over $1,000 worth it for your roof? Extend the Life of Your Roof Weather is your roof’s archenemy, especially in winter weather. Heavy snow and layered ice can quickly break down your roof’s defenses. A quality roof should be able to support 20 pounds per square foot. Ten to 12 inches of snow is equal to five pounds per square foot, so your roof should be able to withstand less than four feet of snow without being in danger of collaps

Preventing Ice Dams on Your Roof

Ice Dams
While they might look like something straight out of a Christmas card, ice formations on your roof aren’t so pretty when they cause major water damage in your home. Preventing ice dams is key to taking care of your roof during heavy snows and throughout the cold season. Read on to find out how. What is an ice dam? Ice dams occur when melting roof snow refreezes at the edge of your roof. It is most likely to happen when a blanket of snow is covering your roof, and outside temperatures are below freezing. The snow that is directly in contact with a warm roof begins to melt because th