Protecting Your Health with Commercial Snow Removal

Some home and business owners don’t bother with commercial snow removal in order to save money by shoveling out their parking lots and walk ways themselves. For some, that might be an okay choice. However, the health risks associated with snow shoveling may not be worth the few dollars you’ll keep in your pocket by forgoing a professional snow removal service. Professional contractors have the tools and know-how necessary to take care of an impassible, snow-covered road, parking lot or sidewalk. For instance, residents of Utah can call Knockout Roofing to do away with obstructive sn

The Villains of Residential Roof Repairs

  When hiring a professional for residential or commercial roof repairs, it is crucial to beware incompetency and corruption. Most home and business owners already know that they should only employ licensed roofers who don’t ask for an excessive amount of upfront cash beyond the cost of materials. However, it never hurts to hear a few reminders of what kinds of nefariousness bogus roofers are capable of. This month, a handful of crooked “roofers” got caught for their shenanigans. Scammer Roofer Busted in Washington Some states, including Utah, require roofers and other co

The Ways Residential Sloped Roofs Trump Residential Flat Roofs

When planning a reroofing, residential sloped roofs deserve as much consideration as flat roofs even though both come with distinct advantages over the other. Last week, this blog explored the pluses of flat roofs with their lower cost of installation and ability to get more out of solar panels. This week, sloped roofs are getting their due attention. In what ways are sloped roofs superior to flat roofs? Read on to find out. Superior Rain Resistance Common sense should tell you that rain rolls right off a roof and assuming the gutters are clean, away from a building if it hits an incli

Flat Roofs Vs. Sloped Roofs

Flat Roof
When mulling over a commercial reroofing, flat roofs are a style business owners in Utah should seriously consider. Not that there’s anything wrong with a sloped roof design. In fact, for many homeowners or commercial proprietors, sloped might be the roofing way to go. But flat roofs installed by companies like Knockout Roofing do, in fact, have benefits specific to the southwestern United States. Check back here next week to read about the advantages of sloped roofs. In the meantime, here are the plus sides of flat roofs. Cost of Installation Whatever roofing materials are being use

Why To Consider Solar Paneling

Solar Panel Installation
Solar paneling installed by a qualified roofer can benefit homeowners as diverse as proudly granola-crunching environmentalists to self-reliance advocates with “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper stickers on their pickup trucks. In the past, solar energy has been considered less practical and cost-efficient than traditional sources. But over the years, the problems inherent with the Earth’s oil and coal supplies have increased. Meanwhile, engineers and scientists have continued to improve the feasibility of solar. Thus, calling a roofer to ask about solar paneling has become an appealing pr