How to Spot a Corrupt Roofer

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There are scam artists lurking in virtually any profession, and home repair is no exception. Not everyone who claims to be an expert in roof repairs is as qualified as he or she may claim to be. But there are some signs of shady “roofers” that should be dead giveaways. Here are a handful of red flags to look out for we’ve compiled from the experts. Remember, a roofer who does a shoddy repair or replacement job could cause you even more problems in the long run – you could end up having to pay a competent roofer to undo the damage created by a bad roofer. Beware of Arm Twisters

Why You Need to Consider a Commercial Roof Tear-Off

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When you’ve decided that it’s time to replace your commercial building’s roof, you’re faced with an important decision. Do you completely tear off the old roof, or do you just install a new roof over the old one? There are a number of reasons to consider replacing your roof, from general age to ongoing problems with leaks and cracking, particularly in a commercial setting such as a business or apartment building. The advantages of doing a complete commercial roof tear-off typically outweigh the benefits of the additional costs. Here’s a closer look at what you need to consider. Pr

Why It’s Time for Utah Homeowners to Consider Rain Gutter Leaf Guards

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One of the most magical aspects of Utah weather is experiencing the four seasons. Each spring, our trees come alive with beautiful green leaves that remind us of the warm weather and the new life that lays ahead. Throughout the hot summers plants grow and in the autumn those leaves turn brilliant colors that transform the landscape into a stunning canvas. For many homeowners, the magic ends when the leaves start coming off the trees and piling up in yards and clogging gutters. Luckily, rain gutter leaf guard systems can protect your home against this annoying and potentially highly destructive

The Advantages of a Commercial Roofing Taper System

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If your business has a flat roof, you’re likely facing a variety of challenges from preventing water damage to heat loss during the winter. There are a variety of options available, including membrane roofs. But more of our commercial clients are opting to install a taper system. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common questions we see about commercial taper roofing systems and why you might want to consider one today. Who can use a commercial taper system? Anyone with a flat or dead-level roof can use a taper system. These can be used on new construction or during a re-roofi

How to Evaluate a Roofing System Package

We’re frequently approached by prospective customers that have decided to replace their roofs, but are unsure where to begin. There are numerous roofing companies on the market, different roofing systems, a variety of concerns to consider from aesthetics to energy efficiency, and the ever present budget issue. Our most consistent recommendation is to consider a roofing system package. Packages bundle the fundamental components of a roofing job – materials, labor, warranties and more – into a single price point. Here’s a simple guide to help you evaluate what package is right for you.