Protecting Your Roof from Ice Dam Damage This Winter

If memories of your childhood winters evoke images of icicles dangling from your roof, you’re not alone. There’s something about ice and winter light that’s one of the season’s most beautiful sights. But this seemingly harmless image – ice on a roof– can be indicative of a serious problem affecting residential and commercial properties during the snowy winter months. Ice dams that form on roofs can cause significant damage to the roof structure, the building at large, and represent a safety hazard to passersby. Here’s what you need to know about preventing ice dams this winter.

Commercial Snow Removal: Why It’s Worth The Investment

During the snowy winter months, business owners face numerous challenges. Commercial snow removal doesn’t need to be one of them. Regular snow removal ensures that your business will be open during regular hours regardless of the weather. It also minimizes the chances of customers and employees having an accident on the premises. One slip and fall on an icy sidewalk or car accident in an uncleared parking lot can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars.  You may be tempted to handle snow removal yourself or have your employees do it, but we don’t recommend it. Here’s a closer lo

3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Roofing Snow Removal Service

commercial roof snow removal
Business owners and facilities managers already have demanding jobs. Anything can go wrong with the properties you oversee, and you’re never really off duty. But the winter especially brings specific challenges for professionals that manage commercial properties. From winterizing your buildings to real-time snow and ice management, winter storm planning is serious business. One important piece of your winter property management strategy is hiring a commercial roofing snow removal service. Before you go out and make a hire, here are three questions to ask that’ll help you make the best choi

Why You Need to Hire a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor

Putting a new roof on a building is one of the biggest investments that you make as a home or business owner. It’s also critically important to the structural integrity of your home or business. A healthy roof prevents interior damage, and the devastating effects of a roof leak that can damage precious mementos, expensive electronics, and more. But choosing the right contractor can be a challenge. One credential is helping set apart the best of the best in a competitive and sometimes confusing market. Here’s a closer look at the GAF Master Elite Roofing Certification, and the benefits of h

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