Prevent Roof Rot with These 6 Tips

Prevent Roof Rot with These 6 Tips
Roof rot can create serious structural integrity problems. When dry rot begins to eat away at a rooftop, the wooden supports and materials become weak and crumbly. Left untreated, the roof can leak or even collapse. Plus, rotting leads to mold growth, which can threaten the health of your family. To prevent roof rot, you’ll need to take proper care of your home and rooftop. What should you do? No. 1: Schedule Regular Roof Inspections Have a professional roofer come out and inspect your roof at least once per year — twice is better. Regular roof inspections can identify and re

Is Roof Repair Possible in the Winter?

Roof Repair 
From early spring to late fall, roof repair crews can be seen at homes throughout northern Utah. Once winter comes, however, you don’t see too many roofers at work. Does that mean roofing isn’t possible at this time of year? Not at all. While rooftop work is more dangerous in snowy and icy conditions, experienced roofers — such as the professionals on the Knockout Roofing team — absolutely can complete a roof repair in the winter. If your roof springs a leak or becomes damaged, you won’t have to wait until spring to preserve the integrity of your home. However, b

New Gutters: What Color Should You Choose?

Adding New Gutters
Are you planning to install new gutters on your northern Utah home? Performance is likely your chief concern, since a properly functioning rain gutter system helps prevent roof leaks and foundation damage. But appearance is also important. Consequently, you want to choose a color that enhances the overall look of your home. Choosing the right color for your new gutters can seem like a daunting task. To make the decision easier, you can ask yourself a few key questions. Are Your Gutters Visible from the Curb? Stand at the curb and check to see if your rain gutter system is vis

Is a Roof Leak the Cause of Your Ceiling Stain?

Roof Leak
A roof leak may be to blame if you notice a mysterious stain on the ceiling. Although the two are not always related, roof leaks are a common cause of ceiling stains. But leaking isn’t the only roofing problem that creates unsightly water spots. An ice dam or condensation issue could just as easily be the culprit. How do you know if your water damage is from a roof leak, another roofing problem or something else? Our layperson’s guide to determining the source of a ceiling stain can help. Ice Dam If your ceiling stain is near an exterior wall, you may not have a roof

Utah Roof Problems to Watch for this Winter

Utah Roof Problems to Watch for this Winter
In Utah, roof problems are common during the winter months. But if you keep your eyes open and catch them early, your home will be better protected against the elements. This winter is expected to be colder and snowier than normal for northern Utah, which means many different things can go wrong with your roof. If you notice any of the common roof problems listed below, contact a professional roofer right away. Ice Dams Ice dams are among the most damaging roof problems for areas of Utah that get snow and ice. An ice dam forms when heat collects in the attic space, warming