Can You Change Your Roof Pitch?

Could changing your roof pitch solve problems with pooling water or debris traps? Or are you wondering if a different slope could provide you with more room in your attic?

Change Your Roof Pitch

A change in pitch could, perhaps, accomplish these goals. However, changing the slope is not a simple process and it’s not necessarily appropriate or possible for every home.

Roof Replacement vs. Changing the Roof Pitch

A standard roof replacement involves installing new underlayment and shingles. If the flashing or gutters are failing, they may need to be replaced too, and some roofs need new fascia, or protective edging. Vents and skylights may also need some attention.

Changing the pitch involves all of these same considerations, and many others.

Changing the angle of the roof is a big job, and it doesn’t stop at the surface roofing materials. The project goes deeper, into the interior structure of the roofing system. For a different slope, the roof’s rafters, internal walls, eaves and other structural components typically need to be radically modified.

Structural Considerations for Roof Pitch Changes

When a roof’s internal structure is replaced, a professional roofer may be able to create a new pitch by making a dramatic change in the architectural design. Changing the slope can affect the way the roof looks, how water drains off of it and much more.

Even a slight change in pitch can cause a range of noticeable effects, some good and some bad. Because of the difficulty in developing and installing a new internal roof structure, adjusting the slope can be an expensive project — much costlier than a roof replacement. And since expert skill is required to make a new pitch, working with an experienced professional roofer is a must.

Do You Need to Change Your Roof Pitch?

What is your reason for wanting a different roof slope? If looks are your only concern, talk to your professional roofer — there may be simpler (and less expensive) ways to improve the appearance of your roof.

Similarly, if you want to solve water pooling and debris collection problems, your roofer may have ideas that aren’t as costly as changing the pitch.

If you really want some extra attic space, get a professional opinion (or even a few) on a roof pitch change. Once you get an estimate, you can make an informed decision on whether creating a different roof slope is a worthwhile project.

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