Choosing Between Shingle Repair and Roof Replacement

After the long winter they’ve just been through, your home or business’s shingles should be inspected carefully during the spring or early summer period. Noting any minor damage or upkeep issues that have arisen over the winter is valuable, allowing you to assess them before they worsen and increase your costs.

choosing shingle repair roof replacement

At Knockout Roofing, we’re here to help with any such commercial or residential roofing repair, whether for your shingles, leaking areas, ventilation or others. One of the more common questions we’re asked by homeowners who have had repeated shingle issues, or for whom shingle damage was particularly significant over the past winter: Does it make more sense to repair this shingle damage, or replace the shingle roof system as a whole? There are circumstances where each of these options is the proper route, and our roofing technicians will help you assess every factor to make a final call. Here are some basic areas we’ll go over.

Repair or Replace?

There are a few considerations at play when choosing between repairing shingles and replacing the system, and one of the primary ones is leakage. When significant enough leaks begin to form through damaged shingles, water damage may seep into the attic, significant limiting the lifespan of any wood and often speeding up the rate at which shingle replacement is needed – to the point where repeatedly replacing these shingles over and over again actually costs more and brings you a greater hassle than just overhauling the entire system.

On the other hand, if your roof is just missing a few shingles, or if some have been warped or bent due to a recent storm, repair is usually the way to go. We can offer high-quality, lasting shingle repair for these areas that comes at an affordable rate.

Considering Budget and Safety

As we alluded to above, the primary factor in this decision is budgeting – will it cost more in the long run to repair shingles or replace the roofing system? This is the major question you’re asking yourself, but it’s also vital to consider the safety of building occupants. If continuing to stubbornly order repairs over and over on badly damaged shingle roofing systems will put the occupants of any structure at risk, it becomes more than just a budgetary call, and could seep into liability and other concerns as well.

How Professionals Will Help

Whether you’ve chosen to replace the roofing system or repair individual shingles, both these jobs should be left to our professional roofing technicians. Improper installation often leads to exacerbation of the exact issues you were trying to get rid of in the first place, plus can risk your safety and the structural integrity of your home or building.

For more on how we’ll help with shingle repair or total roof replacement, or to learn about any of our other quality roofing services, speak to the pros at Knockout Roofing today.