Color Considerations When Installing New Roof Shingles

Like several major exterior building areas, roofing materials serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. This is particularly true for shingles, which are vital for protecting a structure from the elements and also play a significant role in the property’s appearance and curb appeal.

At Knockout Roofing, we’re proud to offer expertise and high-quality residential and commercial re-roofing services no matter which of these priorities is higher on your personal list. One big decision when it comes to shingle selection for any structure is choosing the color you want to use – here are a few themes we recommend following while making this decision.

color new roof shingles

Advanced Research

For starters, take the time before you spend any money to research the shingle options that might be available within your budget. Look online using virtual tools, which are readily available through many manufacturers.

In addition, consider getting some physical samples of different shingle materials. Compare these to the style of your home and spend some time figuring out what will look good compared to what might look somewhat off. If you are unable to get samples of a given shingle type, you can search for nearby homes that utilize it and simply drive by them to get a look.

Complementing Current Colors

In many cases, home or business owners choose shingle colors that will complement the rest of the structure. This means assessing the material used throughout the other parts of the building – are they brick, or do you use siding? Is the structure in a modern or traditional style?

There are plenty of themes available to you here, from sticking with the same colors as siding or other broad areas to going for a heavy contrast. Some people choose to match shingles with garage door color, for instance, while others match them to the trim of their windows.

Neighborhood Restrictions

In the case of homeowners who live in a community run by a specific homeowner’s association or a similar group, there could be restrictions set by this body on shingle color. Many such organizations prefer all homes in a given neighborhood to standardize areas like shingles.

Even if you’re not part of such an organization, look at the shingle styles your neighbors are using for some basic tips. If you enjoy a specific style, don’t hesitate to ask the owner about it.

Curb Appeal

Through all your investigations here, keep a theme called curb appeal in mind. This is a real estate term that describes the first visual impressions people will have of your structure when they see it, and shingles are naturally a significant part of where your curb appeal sits. If you’re looking to increase building value, we recommend a neutral shingle color that will maintain a modern look.

For more on choosing the right color for shingles, or to learn about any of our roofing services, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.