Commercial Roof Leaks — What Causes Them?

Commercial Roof Leak

Commercial roof leaks are frustrating — not only can they cause damage to your property, you may have to shut down your business to fix the issue.

Proper maintenance can ensure your property stays safe from damage. Your building manager should keep an eye out for issues that can lead to commercial roof leaks.

Damaged or Decaying Flashing

Since most commercial roofs are flat roofs, flashing is one of the most important components. Flashing is installed around the roof’s perimeter and every pipe or unit penetrating its surface, such as vents or air conditioning units.

When flashing has cracks or gaps, water can seep underneath and begin to cause problems; it doesn’t matter whether the damage came from a storm or from predictable wear and tear over the years.

Drainage Issues That Lead to Pooling Water

Flat roofs have an increased need for properly functioning drainage systems. When gutters and downspouts are clogged or installed incorrectly, water can quickly pool on the roof. The water weight puts pressure on the roofing membrane, and leaks may result.

General Age and Wear and Tear

When was the original roofing membrane installed? If it’s been a few decades, it’s probably too old to provide adequate protection. Commercial roofing membranes are exposed to extreme temperatures both in the winter and summer, and after decades of expanding and contracting, cracks can appear and leaks quickly follow.

What Should You Do?

When you notice water damage, there is no time to waste. Call a commercial roofing contractor right away and have them assess the damage to find the root of the problem. They can provide you with an estimate for repairs, or they may recommend complete replacement, depending on the reason for the leak.

If the cause for the damage can be traced to a membrane malfunction, you may be able to have the repair costs paid for if the warranty is still valid. Find the paperwork from the last roofing installation and read about the warranty information to learn more.

Going forward, once commercial roof leaks are taken care of, pay attention to roofing membrane maintenance. Get your roof inspected once every season or once every few years, depending on the roof’s age. This can help prevent future leaks and address issues before they compound into a more expensive problem.

You can trust Knockout Roofing to handle any commercial roof leaks quickly and correctly to protect your inventory and allow your business to get up and running again.