Why You Need to Consider a Commercial Roof Tear-Off

When you’ve decided that it’s time to replace your commercial building’s roof, you’re faced with an important decision. Do you completely tear off the old roof, or do you just install a new roof over the old one? There are a number of reasons to consider replacing your roof, commercial roofingfrom general age to ongoing problems with leaks and cracking, particularly in a commercial setting such as a business or apartment building. The advantages of doing a complete commercial roof tear-off typically outweigh the benefits of the additional costs. Here’s a closer look at what you need to consider.

Preserve the structural integrity of your building: Your roof plays an important role in the structural integrity of your building. Putting a new roof on top of an old roof can add considerable weight. Over time, this can lead to a breakdown of supports and potential damage to your building’s interior. Removing old roofing prior to installing a new roof helps ensure that the structural safety and the health of substructure components is clear.

Avoid trapping moisture between the roof layers: Moisture is one of the biggest risks to any roof. It causes seals to split or sever, shingles to peel up, and leaks which leads to interior and potentially structural damage. As a result, it’s important that any roofing project seek to minimize the impact of moisture. Placing a new roof over an existing roof can have the unfortunate impact of trapping moisture in the layers. Eventually, this can lead to serious problems such as rot, mold, and leaks that occur after a heavy snowfall. Tearing off your roof ensures that any lingering moisture issues are identified and dealt with prior to the new roof being put in place.

Capture the benefits of a new roof: New roofs carry many benefits that their predecessors did not. These include a high degree of energy efficiency, long-term warranties, designer level aesthetic benefits, and the ability to install the latest weatherproofing technologies. Installing a new roof on top of an existing roof can negate some of these benefits and void possible warranties. Ultimately, the cost benefit analysis suggests that it’s worth making the small investment for the tear off to capture the longer term benefits of fuel efficiency and warranty coverage.

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