Commercial Snow Removal: Why It’s Worth The Investment

During the snowy winter months, business owners face numerous challenges. Commercial snow removal doesn’t need to be one of them. Regular snow removal ensures that your business will be open during regular hours regardless of the weather. It also minimizes the chances of customers and employees having an accident on the premises. One slip and fall on an icy sidewalk or car accident in an uncleared parking lot can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars.  You may be tempted to handle snow removal yourself or have your employees do it, but we don’t recommend it. Here’s a closer look at why a commercial snow removal company is a smart investment for your business.

Shoveling can be dangerous

Shoveling can damage more than just your spirits on a snowy morning. Shoveling can also be hazardous to your health. Sometimes it’s the simple stuff: a slip on the ice that leaves you with a bruise, a twinge in your back, or tension in your neck and shoulders that gets worse as the day goes on. But according to the American Medical Association, people who rarely exercise are up to 30 x more likely to have heart attack while shoveling. Asking your employees to handle this process or attempting snow removal yourself puts you at risk for injuries and workers compensation claims.

Harvard Medical School advises extra caution for individuals over the age of 50, who are overweight, or have a history of health issues when shoveling, and notes that ERs throughout the snow belt gear up for heart attacks and injuries during major snowstorms. In other words, shoveling can be serious business. Hiring an experienced team of fit, energetic snow removal professionals with the training and tools to quickly and safely remove your snow will ensure that your commercial property is well-maintained even during the worst winter weather.

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How to make your snow removal contract a success

If you’ve decided to hire someone to do your commercial snow removal, it’s important to know what to look for in a contractor. Typically, commercial snow removal companies offer a variety of services. These include plowing parking lots, applying Ice Melt or sand to concrete surfaces, shoveling sidewalks, and commercial roof snow removal. Here are a few factors to consider when speaking with service providers.

Hire a company with the proper equipment

Professional snow removal companies have the equipment and staff needed to quickly, effectively, and safely handle your snow removal. You may be worried about paying a premium for those plows, snow blowers, ergonomic shovels and multi-person teams. But in reality, business owners often save money because professional companies complete the jobs in the fraction of a time of one person with a shovel battling snow drifts for hours. In addition, you can rest assured that the job will be done professionally and that the premises of your business are well-maintained at all times.

Check to make sure the company is insured

As mentioned above, snow removal can be dangerous. The best companies have training and equipment to help mitigate that risk. But in the instance that something should go wrong, always hire a company that carries general liability insurance. This will cover accidents that damage your property or someone taking a fall.

Communicate your needs clearly

A professional snow removal company will come to view your property prior to taking you on as a client, or conduct an in-depth assessment of your needs over the phone. Do you have a demanding business that requires all snow removal be completed by 7am, regardless of the weather conditions? Would you like customized services such as Ice Melt placed on your walkways? Take the time to get clear about your needs and share those with the snow removal expert you consult. Not only will this ensure that you’re getting an accurate quote for services, but it’ll help the company you hire meet or exceed your expectations.

Always ask for a point of contact

Professional snow removal companies will have a dispatcher that you can call or an account contact that’s always reachable. Whether you have a specific issue that you need help with or want to check on the arrival of the people shoveling you out, it’s important to have a point of contact you can email or call during a storm. Inquire about the company’s modes of communication, and their policy for returning calls during off hours.

Commercial snow removal is a great investment for business owners. You’ll maximize your revenues by ensuring you’re open for business, while minimizing the risk of accidents to your customers and employees. Knockout Roofing is your commercial snow removal expert and we’ll take care of your roof to boot!

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