Common Roofing Installation Mistakes

Roof Installation

You want a company that can avoid roofing installation mistakes and do the job right. Contractors who cut corners in an attempt to speed up the job or save money put your roof at risk of early deterioration. Subpar roofing installs result in water damage, mold and rot. Choose a roofing company that recognizes common roofing installation errors and understands how to complete a thorough, high-quality roofing project.

Inadequate Preparation

To save time, some roofing contractors might nail new shingles on top of old ones instead of tearing them off. This forces the roof frame to hold up more weight than it was designed to take. It will result in sagging and will compromise your roof’s integrity. It’s important to completely clear the roof of all old debris before beginning a new roofing installation, otherwise future repairs will be required sooner rather than later.

Lack of Ventilation

The roofing contractor should test the humidity of the attic. If the roof had moisture damage in the past, it’s imperative to install additional roof vents. A roof with bad ventilation can result in warped shingles, ice dams, mold growth and early deterioration. A number of different roof ventilation options are available, including soffit vents, ridge vents, box vents, power vents and more. Your roofing contractor should know which option will be the ideal fit for your roof.

Misplaced Nails

If a roofer nails the shingles in too low, the nail head is exposed to the elements. Water will eventually work its way underneath the nail head and cause water damage. Nails placed too high will not secure the shingle underneath. In high winds, high nails allow shingles to fly off. If too few nails are used, the shingle is at risk of displacement. Experienced roofing companies know to place nails along the nail line of the shingle, installing at least four nails per shingle. Some warranties require up to six nails each.

Inaccurate Roof Slope Measurements

Not all roofs are designed the same. The specific slope of your roof will determine what type of products are needed to achieve a long-lasting, secure roof. If your roofing contractor attempts to outfit your roof with products designed for roofs of a different slope, your money will be wasted and your roof will have to be replaced again.

Discolored Shingle Sections

You might think you ordered the same shingles for the entire roof, but if the contractor splits up the order between companies, your shingles could be two different color shades. Make sure your shingles are all ordered from the same manufactured batch to avoid this issue and maintain curb appeal.

Reusing Old Flashing

Flashing is the metal that covers all joints and goes around chimneys and vents, and is usually made of aluminum or steel. Old flashing might seem reusable, but beware of a roofing contractor who suggests recycling your old flashing. The flashing should always be replaced, as one small leak can ruin the entire roof structure.

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