Coping with Utah’s Heat: Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Temperatures are on the rise, and many homeowners are already dreading the approach of summer. Record temperatures and unrelenting sunshine, interspersed with wild summer storms, can quickly do a number on traditional residential roofing. If you’re thinking ahead and want to do your best to protect the condition of your roof, Knockout Roofing has a few tips to help you get started this year.

Schedule a roof inspection

One of the best steps you can take if you have any concerns about your present roofingGable Dormers on Residential Home situation is schedule an inspection. High quality roofing companies will set up a personalized site visit and consultation. Initiating this after the winter will ensure that all your shingles and seams are in good shape, that any debris is removed, and that red flags are caught before a heavy rainstorm leads to a leak and water damage. Because roofs tend to contract under the hot sun, especially when exposed to UV rays, small problems can escalate quickly. A professional inspection is the best way to identify any issues.

Check flashings, spouts and gutters

Three specific areas that are important for homeowners to pay attention to are flashing, spouts and gutters. Flashing is the metal strips that run along the edges of your roof to help prevent leaks. It also typically surrounds your chimney and any skylights. Flashing can be damaged or bend in extreme heat, creating vulnerability in the roof. If it’s in good condition, it’s less likely to malfunction. Spouts and gutters comprise the system that helps drain water from your roof and ensures it lands away from your home’s foundation. Ensure that all spouts and gutters are connected, clean of debris, and successfully directing water flow away from the building.

Evaluate your ventilation situation

Does your home have adequate ventilation under the roof? Now may be the right time to have your ventilation system inspected. Your home’s attic ventilation system plays an important role throughout the year. During the winter, it regulates the temperature and prevents melting patterns that can result in damaging ice dams. In the summer, the ventilation system can help regulate attic temperatures that can soar to as much as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Adequate ventilation is key to summer roof preservation and can have a significant impact on your energy efficiency as well. Inspectors will look at the number of vents, how they’re positioned, whether air flow is promoted, and whether anything is obstructed.

Remove debris and clean the roof

Summer is the right time to remove any debris that may have collected on your roof. These items can damage roofing if left and blown around by the wind. It’s also important to check your roof for any kind of algae, mold, moss, or other items that should be cleaned and removed. Depending on the type of roofing you have, you may be able to clean it with a power washer or hire a roofing company to do professional spot cleaning.

Utah’s hot summer temperatures can do a number on your roof. Working with a local roofing company like Knockout Roofing that understands the year-round demands on your roofing materials can help you prevent problems and extend the lifetime of your current roof. Contact us today to arrange for a personalized consultation at your home to discuss your summer roofing maintenance needs.