Costly Outcomes of Ignoring Roof Leaks

Particularly as we move into the coldest and often wettest period of the year, ensuring your home or building’s roof is in great working condition is very important. Roofing leaks are an issue at any time of year, but they’re most bothersome during the wintertime in many areas.

At Knockout Roofing, we offer both commercial and residential roof repair services for leaking roofs. Roofs are a vital part of your home’s function and protective qualities, and our pros can assess any damage and causes of leaks to ensure you don’t deal with water issues or other problems in the home. They can also tell you the risks of holding off on these kinds of basic repairs – here are some of the negative outcomes that can take place when you don’t address a leaking roof promptly.

outcomes ignoring roof leaks

Water Damage and Expenses

If you prick your finger on something sharp, it may bleed for a little – but over time, it will naturally scab up and heal itself. Some people seem to expect that this same effect will take place with leaks in their roof, but unfortunately this isn’t how it works.

No, the only direction your roof leak issues can move in is this: Getting worse. As leaks become larger and larger, they lead to major water damage risks in the home. Water can seep into everything from insulation and ceilings to decks, basements, crawl spaces and anywhere that isn’t properly sealed off. This damage can create huge repair issues for you as a home or building owner, and can also lead to significant hassle for the occupants of the building. And of course, the expenses that come along with all this can be crippling.

Roofing Lifespan

Does the price you’ve gotten for a basic roof repair seem like a lot? Well guess what – it’s a fraction of what you’ll spend when you have to replace the roof entirely, and by avoiding the smaller cost now, you’re inviting the larger one to come around far sooner. Fixes to leaks and other small issues can extend roofing lifespan by years, while avoiding these fixes can weaken the roof over time and lead to you requiring a replacement years earlier than you would have otherwise.

Mold and Mildew Risks

Did you realize that ignoring a leaking roof can even come with health effects to you, your family or any other building occupants? Leaking roofs lead to moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew formation in some situations. These can be foul-smelling and unsightly buildups, but worse yet, several types of mold are toxic to humans and pets alike, and could lead to health issues. It’s particularly harmful to people with previous respiratory conditions like asthma or allergies.

For more on why you should never ignore the signs of a leaking roof, or to learn about any of our leaking roof repairs or roofing contractor services, speak to the pros at Knockout Roofing today.