Designer Value Collection

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The Best Value: You care deeply about your home. Maximizing your home’s “visual appeal” with the new Value Collection.

 The strongest, safest warranty protection anywhere-period. The only warranty that includes a 50 yr. non-prorated coverage on the entire system, 25 yr. peace of mind workmanship warranty, 40 point factory inspection, 50 yr. non pro rated Certified Contractor Network Protection, backed by Good House Keeping

Price: “One of a kind, yet incredibly affordable” Affordable Luxury, only a fraction of the cost of traditional slate, wood shakes,  or expensive metal roofing. 

Elite Packages can only be offered by Master Elite Contractors: Master Elite status is achieved by only 3% of roofing contractors in the nation. Your warranty is not only covered by one contractor but a network of professionals working together to improve the quality of roofing. 

Camelot 1

Camelot Shi 1Camelot Shi 2Camelot Shi 3Camelot Shi 4Camelot Shi 5

Country Mansion 2

Country Mansion Shi 1Country Mansion Shi 2Country Mansion Shi 3Country Mansion Shi 4Country Mansion Shi 5Country Mansion Shi 6

Grand Slate 3

Grand Slate Shi 1Grand Slate Shi 2Grand Slate Shi 3Grand Slate Shi 4Grand Slate Shi 5

Slate Line 4

Slate Line Shi 1Slate Line Shi 2Slate Line Shi 3Slate Line Shi 4Slate Line Shi 5Slate Line Shi 6

Grand Sequoia 5

Grand Sequoia Shi 1Grand Sequoia Shi 2Grand Sequoia Shi 3Grand Sequoia Shi 4Grand Sequoia Shi 5Grand Sequoia Shi 6

Woodland 6

Woodland Shi 1Woodland Shi 2Woodland Shi 3Woodland Shi 4Woodland Shi 5

Monaco 7

Monaco Shi 1Monaco Shi 2Monaco Shi 3Monaco Shi 4Monaco Shi 5

Sienna 8

Sienna Shi 1Sienna Shi 2Sienna Shi 3Sienna Shi 4

Colors: You have the largest selection of enhanced designer colors to choose from. “Designer shingles can be fun exciting and a smart investment.” There are 8 styles to choose from and over 40 colors.

Customer Experience: “I like my roof, I’m glad we went with the designer series, it’s such an improvement and my family and neighbor love it”

Why I chose this package: “I wanted something different, we usually get the best, the Value Collection gave us what we wanted & after research the warranty was the best way to protect our investment.”