Determining Townhouse Roof Repair Responsibility

Townhouse Roof Repair

Deciding who bears the brunt of townhouse roof repair responsibility when you spot a leak is your first step toward scheduling needed repairs. Most townhomes are located in communities with a homeowners association. Chances are, you pay a monthly HOA fee and now you’re hoping to recover a portion of that investment and by having the HOA cover the repair. However, it’s important to read the fine print – you might be primarily responsible for repairing your townhouse roof, and you may be held liable if the damage goes unaddressed and spreads to your neighbor’s property.

Distinctions Between Condos and Townhomes

While each HOA agreement differs, HOA funds normally cover a greater portion of the property upkeep on condos rather than townhomes. When you purchase a townhouse, you are essentially buying a single-family home, with the exception of adjoining walls and roof, as you are now the owner of the plot of land on which your home is built. When you purchase a condo, you only own the interior space – not the building and not the land.

A condo’s HOA fees usually pay for master liability insurance, covering everything a normal homeowner’s policy would, but is paid for in full by the HOA. Condo owners submit regular payments to cover this expense, and the sum total of their HOA fee is usually higher than that of a townhouse owner. If the roof begins to leak or suffer wear, the repairs are the HOA’s responsibility.

Townhouse owners may also pay HOA fees, but the funds only carry insurance for common areas such as parking lots and swimming pools. However, your townhome’s association may cover repairs caused by natural disasters. They also may have a portion of the dues set aside in a capital reserve account, allotted for general property repairs such as roof improvements.

Review Your Homeowners Association Terms

Before buying a townhouse, review the specific terms in the HOA agreement regarding roof repairs. If the association’s rules allow for general maintenance and upkeep of all roofs, it will also have included roof replacement in the projected budget. The timeline for roof replacements should be clearly noted and a specific cost analysis enclosed. If the association is responsible for replacement roofs but does not budget correctly, you may be hit with a large bill when it comes time for a replacement. It is in your best interests to attend all HOA meetings and understand the coverage you pay for. A disorganized, in-debt HOA is bound to cause financial problems down the road.

If the townhouse roof repair responsibility fails solely on you, be sure to accurately manage your own long-term budget when it comes to roof repairs. While it may sting to know your HOA dues won’t be there for you when your shingles begin to crumble, you will be able to completely control the quality of work and the materials used on your replacement roof to protect the interior structure of your townhome.

If your townhouse roof needs repair, contact the experts at Knockout Roofing. They have the experience and know-how to do the job right. And when in doubt regarding your townhouse roof repair responsibility, have a realtor or lawyer review your HOA policy with you to break down legal jargon and distinguish the accountable party.