Direct Benefits of Proper Roofing Insulation

Whether you’re a homeowner or the owner or manager of a commercial building, the roof over your head will be a primary consideration for several things, from basic elemental protection to energy efficiency and more. And while many such individuals are diligent about their roofing materials, some may gloss over another very important piece of the puzzle here: Insulation.

At Knockout Roofing, we’re proud to provide comprehensive residential and commercial re-roofing services, including handling all your insulation questions and needs. What are some of the benefits that come with properly insulating a roof? Here are a few too consider.

benefits proper roofing insulation

Energy Efficiency and Utility Bills

Insulation’s top purpose is to serve as a barrier between your structure and the outdoor air. When it’s hot outside during the summer, insulation helps keep cool air generated by the air conditioner inside the structure. When it’s cold out, the opposite becomes the case – insulation helps trap warm air generated by the furnace.

The more noticeable area of improvement you see with good insulation comes in the winter, though it’s working for you during both seasons to be sure. The cold months, though, require more hot air pumped into the building – hot air naturally rises, so this is where good insulation in your roof is vital for keeping the area warm. When you’re considering roofing insulation, the buzzword here will be “R-value,” which refers to the ability of a given material to limit temperature transfer between spaces. Ask our team about which R-value is right for your needs.

Mold Prevention

Without proper air and climate control in a given space, a significant risk is mold formation. This is particularly true during the summer, where cooling efforts from your air conditioner also create a significant amount of humidity. Without proper insulation, moisture will much more easily condensate in several potential areas, the first step toward mold formation in many cases. Many forms of roofing insulation are specifically designed to be mold-resistant, however, and will help improve not only your air circulation but also your air quality as well.

Fire Safety

On top of everything above, proper insulation is also a key tool for protecting your building if a fire happens to take place. One of the major risks during any building fire is the roof igniting and possibly spreading flames to the nearby area, but strong insulation is fire-resistant and will help stop this spread while fire response teams get to work. If there have been fire issues in or near your building in recent years, ask about the best insulation in terms of fire resistance and protecting your roof.

For more on why insulation is so important for any roofing system, or to learn about our residential or commercial roofing repairs and other services, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.