Do Professional Roofing Contractors Work in the Rain?

You hired a roofing contractor to do some work at your home, but on the day the crew is scheduled to be there, the weather forecast calls for rain. What happens now?

roofing in rain Utah

Will the roofers be able to complete their work? Or does rain mean that your new roof installation must be rescheduled for another day?

Professional Roofing Contractors Are Weather Watchers

The best weather for installing a new roof is a clear day. Working in the rain puts the roofing contractor’s crew at a greater risk of falling, because wet shingles are slippery.

For that reason, contractors keep a close eye on the weather forecast when setting their schedule for roofing tear-offs, replacements and repairs. If rain is predicted, roofing contractors often won’t schedule a job for that day.

But weather forecasts aren’t always accurate. If the forecast on the day of your new roof installation is for a clear skies, but you wake up to dark clouds instead, you should probably expect a phone call to reschedule the work.

How Professional Roofing Contractors Handle Unexpected Rain

Here in northern Utah, surprise rain showers are fairly common, especially during the spring. So what if it starts to drizzle after your roof contractor has begun work?

Professional contractors keep tarps at the ready for this purpose. As soon as it starts to rain, the crew will cover the exposed areas of your rooftop to protect it.

If the unexpected rain stops as quickly as it started, the roofing crew may be able to resume work once the surface has sufficiently dried. With a longer rain shower, or one that brings a lot of precipitation in a short time, the remainder of the work will likely have to be rescheduled for another day.

Why Rain Matters for Roofing Projects

Professional roof contractors don’t work when it’s raining because it’s unsafe. But that’s not the only reason it’s better to do a roof replacement on a clear day.

Shingles attach to a plywood substructure, known as the roof deck. If the decking is exposed to rain, it will absorb the water and swell. Once your old shingles have been removed, the deck is vulnerable to the weather.

This could potentially damage your deck, and furthermore, new shingles cannot be attached to wet wood. They won’t adhere well, for one thing. More importantly, installing new shingles over a wet deck violates building code in most municipalities, as doing so would trap moisture, potentially leading to mold and wood rot.

So even if you rearranged your schedule to accommodate the work, trust your roofing contractor’s judgment if the weather doesn’t cooperate. The crew will be safer and so will your roof.

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