Early Signs of Moisture Concerns on Your Roof

Roofs are primarily in place as protective barriers to any structure, and one of the top elements they help protect against is moisture and potential water damage inside the home or building. A properly-functioning roof will stop even small leaks of water from making their way inside the home, preventing everything from mold and mildew buildup to significant water and structural damage that may take place with larger leaks or flooding.

At Knockout Roofing, our roofing contractors are proud to provide a variety of leaking roof repairs for your home or building as needed, stopping even small leak concerns from growing into larger problems. While areas like water dripping and mold formation in the upper areas of your home are more obvious signs that these leaks might be taking place, what are some of the earlier red flags you can pick up on to remediate these concerns before they reach that point? Here’s a quick primer on early indicators that your roof could have moisture issues.

early signs moisture concerns roof

Drainage Issues

For starters, one of the more common sources of leaking roofs in several scenarios is a drainage system on the home or building that is not properly directing rainwater and other moisture away from the roof’s surface. Even the tightest, highest-quality roofing materials are not meant to hold up to standing water for extremely long periods of time, and long-term submersion will eventually wear them down and cause small cracks to appear, letting water in.

A common drainage issue is a major clog in the gutters, which won’t allow for proper water runoff and will lead to pooling or standing water. Another is a similar issue with downspouts, particularly during this fall season when leaves are falling and can become a clogging material.

Attic or Roofing Ventilation

You may not have considered the upper part of your home or building’s interior to be important for your roof, but we’re here to tell you that it is. This is especially true if you have an attic – those that aren’t maintained can become extremely humid, which can lead to moisture damage and even problems with the support structures that hold up your roof. Check your attic or upper floor areas for humidity levels and consider a dehumidifier if you find them to be too high (our pros will be happy to give you some tips on the proper levels).

Improper Maintenance

Finally, many roofing issues – including moisture problems – can be prevented by simply engaging professionals like ours for regular inspection and maintenance. How often this is needed will depend on your roof type and size, factors we’ll evaluate for you before making a recommendation. If your roof has recently been through a major weather event like a hailstorm, it’s also often a good idea to schedule a routine inspection not long after.

For more on identifying and preventing moisture concerns with your roof, or to learn about any of our roofing repair or other roofing services, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.