How to Evaluate a Roofing System Package

We’re frequently approached by prospective customers that have decided to replace their roofs, but are unsure where to begin. There are numerous roofing companies on the market, different roofing systems, a variety of concerns to consider from aesthetics to energy efficiency, and the ever present budget issue. Our most consistent recommendation is to consider a roofing system package. Packages bundle the fundamental components of a roofing job – materials, labor, warranties and more – into a single price point. Here’s a simple guide to help you evaluate what package is right for you.

Certifications: Many consumers aren’t aware that certifications are an important modern two story house with stuccocomponent of the roofing industry. Roofs represent a major investment for homeowners. It’s easy for manufacturers to get a bad reputation if a contractor does a poor installation. So many roofing manufacturers have developed rigorous certifications that evaluate business practices, legal and financial history, peer and customer references, and roofing expertise. Certified contractors have also typically undergone specialized training. Doing business with certified contractors can give you an increased level of confidence on a wide range of factors.

Warranty: Depending upon the roofing system you select, you’ll be offered a warranty. Each brand and product is unique in terms of the warranty that is offered. Warranties range from ten years upwards to fifty years or even into lifetime warranties. A number of elements influence a warranty, from brand to cost to the certification status of your contractor. The longer the warranty you’re able to secure, the better position you’re in over the long-term.

Materials: There are many different roofing systems and materials available, from basic traditional asphalt shingles to designer stone coated steel. The right package for you will take into account your design goals for your home. Do the style and colors offered complement your existing design and achieve the look you’re hoping for? It’s also important to consider durability, advantages such as energy efficiency, and resistance to the elements and UV light.

Installations: The installation component of a package will give you important insights into your actual roofing experience. How long will your job take? What flexibility is offered in scheduling? How large will the crew be that works on the job and how will it be managed? What options are offered for customer service if questions or concerns come up during or after the project? Consider the installation plans carefully to ensure that you’re going to get the customer service and attention to detail at a level appropriate with what you expect.

Roofing system packages have numerous advantages for roofing customers, allowing you to customize your experience while controlling your costs. If you’re a commercial or residential customer in Utah, contact us today to learn more about our roofing packages.