Factors That Influence Commercial Roofing Lifespan

If you’re the owner or manager of a commercial building and you’re considering re-roofing for your structure, one of your primary questions is sure to be regarding how long your new roofing system will last. A commercial roof can last anywhere from 10 to 40-plus years depending on several factors, from the quality of your installation to the materials you use, the maintenance you perform and more.

At Knockout Roofing, we’re proud to offer a wide range of commercial re-roofing services among our numerous roofing contractor offerings. We’re happy to get into detailed information about the standard lifespan of some of our roofing materials, plus other factors that will impact how long your new roof will last for. Here are several such factors to keep an eye on.

factors commercial roofing lifespan

Installation Quality

For starters, the quality of the professionals installing your roof makes a big difference. You need a company like ours, one that’s licensed and insured and also highly experienced in the exact kind of roofing installations you require.

A roof that’s installed poorly will wear down faster, and may also develop sagging or leaking concerns due to improper alignment or placement. In addition, inexperienced roofing technicians may recommend improper materials that wear down faster and do not meet your roofing needs.

Materials Used

In addition to professionals performing the actual installation job, you need experts who understand your roofing needs and which materials will do best. If your needs will be met with an asphalt or metal roof, each of which can last well over 40 years with proper maintenance, we’ll generally point you in this direction. We’ll suggest other alternatives if not, as well.

Maintenance Quality

Even the strongest roofing materials will wear down over time when exposed to enough of the elements, but you have some control here. Regular inspections of the roof are valuable, as they can signal small areas of damage you can repair cheaply to avoid larger issues forming. If you notice any shingles missing, call us immediately for replacements or other repairs you need assistance with.

Ventilation and Insulation

Another area that cuts some lifespan off several roof types? Excessive heat. Luckily, you can limit this risk by properly insulating and ventilating your roof, allowing it to cool down even when the summer heat is beating down on it. This will also keep the interior of your building cooler while limiting your AC bills.

Weather Elements

Finally, the area least inside your control when it comes to roof lifespan is the weather. And while you can’t stop rain, wind, snow, ice and other elements from impacting the roof, you can take basic precautions to prepare for storms and properly maintain the roof so it’s ready for any inclement weather. Much of this traces back to proper maintenance, which we already went over, and our pros can offer additional tips.

For more on the factors that influence commercial roofing lifespan, or to learn about any of our roof repair or installation services, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.