Fall Roofing Inspection Checklist

Fall Roofing Inspection

Summer is over, and it’s time for your annual fall roofing inspection. Depending on where you live, your home’s roof may be about to endure a challenging season of heavy precipitation, wind and extreme temperatures. Make sure your roof is ready for any wintry onslaught that may come its way.

Hire a Professional

Unless you have hands-on experience in the roofing industry, it may be difficult to diagnose roofing issues and to differentiate between serious problems that need repair and regular wear and tear. Besides, it is dangerous to climb onto any roof without the proper training and equipment.

Depend on a roofing professional to conduct your fall roof inspection. They most likely have examined countless roofs in their lifetimes and can identify issues requiring immediate attention. They can also provide an estimate on how much the repair will cost, along with a realistic timeline for carrying out the project. When you work with experts, they will examine specific areas to be sure your roof is durable.

Unusual Exterior Wear or Damage

After climbing onto the roof, the team will look at the shingles. Are any missing, buckling or cracked? If so, a heavy bout of rain or snow could result in damage to the roof deck, which could allow water to seep into the attic. The roofers will make note of which areas need shingle replacement to prevent this issue during the winter season.

They will also examine the metal flashing surrounding chimneys, vents and in corner seams. If the flashing has torn away from the roof or shows signs of leaks, the security of the underlying roof deck is compromised.

Gutters and Downspouts

The drainage system’s importance cannot be overstated. A blocked gutter or downspout can cause expensive water damage. In addition, the gutter must be securely fastened in the proper position to accommodate the slope and direction of the roof. The downspout must lead an appropriate distance away from the home’s foundation to prevent flooding.

Qualified professionals will make recommendations for gutter and downspout repair if the systems are worn, in disrepair or not fitted properly for the home’s drainage needs.

Attic and Home Interior

Finally, the fall roofing inspection will involve an in-depth review of the attic and home interior. The team will view the quality of the insulation and the positioning and effectiveness of attic vents, and make notes on any possible improvements that could help prevent ice dams and other winter weather damage.

The inspector will also check your ceilings and walls for water damage, cracked plaster or other clues that point to the need for roof repair.

Knockout Roofing is available to do a fall roofing inspection at your property, and we will provide detailed, expert answers to all of your roofing questions — contact our office today to set up an appointment.