How to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim on Your Roof

Homeowner's Insurance Claim

Filing a homeowners insurance claim for a roofing repair can be a confusing and challenging process, but this guide will walk you through the steps so you know what to expect and when to expect it.

What’s Covered under Your Policy?

Since each insurance policy differs depending on the issuing company and the geographic location, it’s important to obtain a paper copy of the actual policy and thoroughly research the roofing coverage limitations and inclusions. In most cases, wind, rain, and hail damage to a roof are covered, along with major storm damage or vandalism. However, the state of the roof before the damage was incurred will most likely be an influencing factor when the total cost of reimbursement is calculated. Many companies may prorate their financial responsibility depending on the age of the roof. Call your insurance company and ask about the particulars as they relate to your roof.

Understand Insurance Company Procedure

More than simply knowing what is covered under your policy, you must understand the specific process associated with filing a claim. You may have to notify your insurance company of the damage within a certain amount of time to ensure coverage. If your home is unlivable due to the damage, ask whether you can initiate temporary repairs while waiting for an inspection and quote from the insurance adjuster.

Gather the Necessary Documentation

Next, it is vital for you to have physical copies of all documentation related to the roof damage. Take pictures of the damage. If it was caused by a storm, obtain weather reports on the date and severity of the incident. Vandalism damage may require an official police report. Copy all receipts for any temporary repairs or for required hotel stays while the home was incapacitated. Also, obtain documentation on the roof’s original installation, noting the install date and any included warranty information or preventive maintenance completed over the years.

Get Quotes from Experienced Roofers

While the insurance company has the final say in the amount of money issued to the homeowner, obtaining quotes from area roofers for damage repair or roof replacement can help support the insurance claim. Call a selection of local roofers, get quotes and present the documents to the insurance company at the time they complete their own inspection, or arrange for your preferred roofer to meet with the company at the site in person.

File the Claim

Once the insurance company reviews the damage in person and takes all documentation into account, they will issue a check for the repair either directly to the subscriber or to the roofing company contracted for the project. If the claim is denied, follow the company’s appeals process. A dependable roofing contractor’s estimate can be a key piece of evidence in the property owner’s favor at this time.

Dealing with unexpected roof repairs and replacements can result in major frustration for homeowners. Trust a reliable roofing contractor like Knockout Roofing to offer advice and guidance when you need help filing a roofing homeowners insurance claim.