How to File a Roofing Warranty Claim

Roofing Warranty Claim

When should you file a roofing warranty claim and how do you gather supportive evidence to ensure payment? Follow these guidelines for addressing roofing repairs covered under warranty.

Accurate Documentation

A successful roofing warranty claim will only be achieved if the homeowner keeps accurate records. After scheduling a roof replacement, the property owner should maintain original copies of the following paperwork:

  • The original roofing contractor estimate
  • The signed roofing installation agreement
  • The warranty guarantee on the roofer’s work
  • The documentation and warranty information on the roofing materials

The homeowner should know the limitations of both the warranty on the roof installer’s workmanship and the warranty on premature degradation of the roofing materials so filed claims can cite the actual verbiage in each warranty document.

Installation Warranty Claims

While certain roofing issues may be caused by defective materials, it is much more common for leaks, mold and other problems to appear due to inappropriate installation techniques. One of the most important decisions a homeowner can make is choosing a roofing contractor. The type of warranty contractors offer on their work will indicate their commitment level to replacing the roof correctly.

Most legitimate companies offer a workmanship warranty of at least one year, but some guarantee their work for the lifetime of the roof. It’s best for homeowners to work with roofing contractors who exhibit high-quality results over a long period of time, because if the company folds, no workmanship warranty will stand.

Manufacturer Material Warranty Claims

When roofing materials such as shingles or membranes fail apart from normal wear and tear and “acts of God,” the manufacturer may pay for replacement costs for varying spans of time – from 10 years to a lifetime. Certain companies, such as GAF Materials Corporation, train and certify contractors to install their product. Depending on the warranty selected, the homeowner may also receive workmanship coverage along with the materials guarantee.

All manufacturers require immediate notification when materials begin to break down. Most companies will only honor claims submitted within 30 days of the homeowner’s discovery of the issue.

How to Prove Your Claim

Whether you are communicating with the roofing contractor or materials manufacturer, you should submit a copy of the original warranty. You should highlight the exact section naming coverage for the specific damage incurred. You can further back up your case by capturing high-resolution photographs of the damage.

If the claim concerns a manufacturing defect, the original contractor should remove a shingle sample and send it to an independent lab for verification of a manufacturing failure. The results should be included in the claim. If the damage concerns an installation mishap, an independent inspector should verify the cause of the issue and deliver a notarized report to the roofing company.

For assistance in filing your roofing warranty claim, contact the specialists at Knockout Roofing, who can offer guidance throughout the process.