Find a Skilled Commercial Roofing Contractor: 6 Tips to Help

Commercial Roofing Contractor

Finding a trustworthy commercial roofing contractor can be difficult, but you can’t pick just any company. You’re making an important long-term investment in your commercial building, and you should only entrust a commercial roof replacement to a contractor worthy of the project.

To find the best possible commercial roofing contractor for the job, follow these six guidelines:

Check for Memberships, Certifications and Licenses

Major networks recognize highly qualified contractors. These businesses will hold a membership with organizations like the Certified Contractors Network. They will be certified to install only the best materials, and they will be licensed in the state in which they practice.

Learn About the Company’s History

While there are many new companies that may be reliable and have character, it’s best to work with an established company. You will know that they only engage in sustainable, honest business practices because their company has stood the test of time.

Research the Quality of Roofing Materials

What types of commercial roofing systems does the company offer? You should look into the brands and manufacturers they stand behind so you can see if the end product is worth your money.

Many manufacturers, such as GAF and IB Roof Systems, require that their contractors are trained and certified before they are allowed to install their materials, providing the consumer with third-party authentication of the contractor’s skills.

Ask About Warranty Offerings

If the contractor offers a workmanship warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s material warranty, you know you have found a dependable company. When a contractor is willing to stand by their work, they have confidence in your satisfaction.

Find Out if it Fits Your Budget

Commercial roofing projects are usually bound by a budget. Even though that may be the case, don’t automatically take the lowest bid. Try to balance quality with price. Talk to the contractor you’re considering about your needs and ask about varying payment plan options that will help you manage the financial aspect of your investment.

Inquire About Ongoing Maintenance

Is your commercial roofing contractor going to be there for you when you need repairs on the double? Ask about the company’s maintenance and repair services. Do they offer snow removal and can they respond quickly if your roof sustains damage or develops a leak?

In many cases, in order to keep the warranty intact, you need to get service from the original installer, so you need a company that is available for you on an ongoing basis.

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