Flat Roofs Vs. Sloped Roofs

Flat Roof

When mulling over a commercial reroofing, flat roofs are a style business owners in Utah should seriously consider. Not that there’s anything wrong with a sloped roof design. In fact, for many homeowners or commercial proprietors, sloped might be the roofing way to go. But flat roofs installed by companies like Knockout Roofing do, in fact, have benefits specific to the southwestern United States. Check back here next week to read about the advantages of sloped roofs. In the meantime, here are the plus sides of flat roofs.

Cost of Installation
Whatever roofing materials are being used to complete a roof, more shingles, panels, tiles, or whatever the roofing type will be necessary simply because a sloped roof has more square feet of surface space. More surface space generally means not only more material but also more labor time.

More Effective Solar Panels
When facing directly up into a sunny sky, it’s easier for solar panels to absorb the energy-creating light beaming down – especially in typically sunny areas like the Southwest. On a sloped roof, the position of the sun may have a degree of impact on how much light gets soaked up, due a panel’s placement on the opposite side of the slant’s divide. That’s not an issue with flat roofs.

Weather Not an Issue
You might wonder, “If a roof is flat, where is rain water and melting snow supposed to drain off to when it lands on the building? Couldn’t standing water lead to mold, and even issues with structural integrity?” That used to be a problem, until the advent of roof membrane products, such as those provided by IB Roof Systems. Membranes are watertight, so rainwater will roll off into the gutters just as it would off a sloped roof. Besides, “flat” roofs are generally designed with a very slight slope or a slope can be added when reroofing to help maximize water drainage. With a flat roof, a commercial site may have to call in professionals to remove snow from the roof when particularly heavy storms roll in.

Storage & Gardening

Housing everything from industrial size air conditioners to cisterns and more, many businesses rely on having a flat roof for a large portion of their HVAC, ventilation, green energy, and even storage sheds. Other businesses maximize outdoor space by turning their flat roof into a rooftop garden and open-air break room.

There was a time when a flat roof meant that eventually a leak would find its way into the building. Modern technology and engineering have combined to produce membrane roofing systems that stand up to all the elements, protecting your business assets and helping you keep the doors open. Talk to us at Knockout Roofing to see what we recommend for your commercial roofing needs.