Should You Get a Free Estimate on Your Roof Replacement?

Roofing Estimate

How important is a free roofing estimate when you are evaluating potential roofing contractors? To enter into a partnership with a roofing contractor is a serious decision, and you should have full confidence in the accuracy of the estimate and the contractor’s commitment to maintain a straightforward, honest line of communication regarding your roof replacement cost.

Online Calculators May Not Be Accurate

You can utilize online calculators to assess the cost of your roof replacement by entering your ZIP code and the square footage of your roof, but don’t expect complete accuracy. These calculators may provide a general idea of overall costs, but they do not include charges incurred for building permits or in-depth repairs involving the HVAC, ventilation or electrical systems. Further, contractors with years of experience, a solid resume and those who are licensed, bonded and insured will fall into the higher region of the price quote.

Before You Obtain an Estimate

Prior to scheduling a roofing estimate assessment, research and decide on the type of shingles you desire for your home. Also, you must decide how soon you would like your roof replaced. Many roofers have work backlogged for months, so it’s ideal to schedule a meeting for a roofing estimate two to three months in advance. This will also give you plenty of time to review the proposals before signing a contract.

What Should Be Listed in the Proposal?

Thorough roofing contractors will visit your home and walk around the perimeter of your roof for a realistic check of your home’s needs. They will make notes and send you a detailed estimate in a reasonable frame of time. Each portion of the roofing estimate should be itemized. Primarily, the contractor should list the type of shingle, the color, and the name of manufacturer. He or she should also make a note of any other products set to be installed, such as protective membranes or gutter guards.

Next, the proposal must clearly state the scope of work. Will flashing be replaced? Will they add extra vents if necessary? They also should describe the installation methods to be used, including how debris from the old roof will be removed.

The roofer should alert you of potential increases in the proposal. If your current roof is extremely worn with the roof deck showing, they should make allowances in the proposal for certain situations, such as how much it will cost to repair any rotted plywood and insulation.

Finally, the contractor should describe the warranties provided, both from the materials manufacturer and the roofing company itself. An expected payment outline should be laid out, and a copy of the contract enclosed.

Know what to expect in a roofing estimate and contact the knowledgeable roofers at Knockout Roofing for your personalized roof assessment today.