Free Roofing Estimates in Utah — What’s the Catch?

Do all Utah roofers offer free roofing estimates? What’s up with that?

Very few businesses offer truly free services these days, and as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. So, what’s the catch? There has to be some sneaky reason roofing contractors don’t charge for consultations, right?

roofing estimate

Actually, free estimates for roof repair or replacement come with no strings attached — at least from reputable Utah roofers.

Why Do We Offer Free Roofing Estimates?

Professional roofers are in the business to earn a living, just like everybody else. So wouldn’t it make good financial sense to charge a consultation fee?

In our experience, that’s not the case. Offering complimentary roofing estimates eliminates the barrier of asking for a fee at the start of a new customer relationship. With the crowded marketplace, customer acquisition can be a challenge for contractors in any industry.

Many Utah contractors — including Knockout Roofing — provide free estimates to help homeowners make fully informed decisions about their roof repair or replacement.

Not every consultation results in a hire, of course, but professional contractors always appreciate the opportunity to communicate with potential customers. After all, information helps consumers make wise decisions. And if you don’t choose us this time, or if you decide to put the project off until next year, you might hold onto our business card and give us a call next time.

How Do We Estimate Roofing Costs?

Roofing estimates give you (and us) a clear picture of the work that needs to be done. The proposed project costs are typically broken out in detail, based on the specific work that needs to be done.

Professional roofers use a variety of techniques to collect information about a roof repair or replacement. Contractors visit the site in person and take measurements, snap photographs and jot down notes about the project.

These details are used to determine the materials and labor that will be required, as well as any affiliated costs, such as a dumpster for a tear-off, or special provisions that must be made for a rooftop AC unit.

The roof pitch, surface size and any obstructions and valleys can also influence the final cost.

Moving Forward with Your Roofing Project

Once you give a professional roofing company the go-ahead, the estimate will be used as the basis of a contract. Of course, before signing on the dotted line, you can always ask questions and discuss the scope of the project to be sure you understand the work to be done and agree on the price.

At this point, a financial commitment may be required. In most cases, professional roofers ask for one-third of the cost at the time of contract signing. Another third is usually paid when the project begins, and the remainder is due at completion. Not every roofing company uses this payment schedule, but it is the industry standard.

Here at Knockout Roofing, we offer our customers a range of affordable financing options. Moving forward with your project doesn’t have to wipe out your savings.

If you need time to prepare for the investment, roofing estimates are typically valid for a period of time, often three months, barring some catastrophic or significant change in the structure. If your professional contractor needs to re-evaluate the roof repair or replacement, the process should be relatively quick.

In northern Utah, Knockout Roofing offers free roofing estimates to homeowners throughout the Salt Lake City. Call us today to schedule yours.