Got Roof Damage? A 6-Step Guide to Filing an Insurance Claim

If your home has roof damage, the chances are good that you’ll need to file a homeowners insurance claim. Insurers often make homeowners jump through hoops to collect for repairs, and if you make any mistakes, the process could take much longer.

roof damage insurance claim

Don’t stress about dealing with an insurance claim for roof damage. Just follow this step-by-step guide to make filing a claim straightforward and simple.

Step 1: Have a Professional Roofer Evaluate the Damage

Although you may be tempted to call your insurance agent first, hold off and contact a local professional roofer for a free inspection instead. Insurers have been known to ding policy holders just for asking about filing a claim.

A licensed roofer can tell you if the damage even warrants filing a claim.

Step 2: Review Your Insurance Policy

If the professional roofer says you should file a claim, your next step is to check out the specifics of your insurance policy. Reviewing your policy will give you an idea of whether the roofing damage is likely to be covered and the amount of your deductible.

Step 3: Contact Your Insurance Agent

If you don’t have your homeowners insurance paperwork handy, your agent can fill you in on the details. Either way, contacting your agent is the next step.

Be sure to mention that you have already consulted with a professional roofer and that you will have documentation to accompany your roof damage claim. Your agent should then have an insurance adjuster contact you.

Step 4: Document the Roof Damage

In the meantime, as you wait for your appointment with the insurance adjuster, document the damage to the roof. You’ll have the report from the professional roofer’s inspection, but it doesn’t hurt to take some photos to provide a clear picture of the repair work needed.

Step 5: Meet with the Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster will visit your home to get a closer look at the roof damage.

You may want to ask your professional roofing contractor to attend the meeting. This way, the roofer can make sure the adjuster has a clear understanding of the cause of the damage and exactly what needs to be done in terms of roof repairs.

Step 6: Have the Roof Damage Fixed

Once your insurance claim is approved, you’ll be notified immediately so that you can schedule roof repairs or replacement. Contact your professional roofing contractor, and you’ll be able to get the roof fixed quickly.

Keep in mind — many homeowners insurance policies limit the amount of time you have to file a claim after roof damage occurs. So as soon as you notice a problem, get started on the claims process.

If you live in Utah, the easiest way to get started is to contact Knockout Roofing. Working with our professional roofing team makes filing an insurance claim much less stressful. To schedule a free inspection for roof damage, contact our Salt Lake City office today.