Do Gutter Guards Really Prevent Clogs?

Gutter guards are designed to prevent debris from clogging your gutters, keeping them free and clear so that they can effectively direct water away from your home.

Custom Gutter Guards

In theory, installing guards should eliminate the need to clean your gutters and prevent a variety of roof problems and water damage. But do gutter guards really work? Are they a worthwhile investment?

Absolutely, but only if you get the right type for your home.

What Happens When Gutters Become Clogged?

Leaves, twigs and other debris commonly build up — and become stuck — in gutters. A few leaves or twigs here and there might not be much of a problem, but if the pileup goes unchecked, it can become an issue.

Gutter debris soaks up water like a sponge, making it extra heavy. The added weight can stress your rain gutters, causing them to sag or even fall off the house.

Even if your gutter mounts hold strong, a debris clog can quickly become serious.

Clogs prevent water from draining properly away from your home. If your rain gutters are plugged, water can pool on your roof and leak into your home, causing structural damage.

Also, if a gutter is blocked, the water can freeze into an ice dam once the Utah winter hits. Ice dams can push up against the roof structure, destroying the wood under your shingles, potentially resulting in even more costly roof and structural damage.

Choose Gutter Guards That Keep Out Leaves and Debris

Gutter guards can prevent all of these worrisome issues, saving you from the hassle and costs of repairing your roof or other parts of your home. However, not all guards are created equally.

Do-it-yourself foam guards and low-priced screen inserts aren’t all that effective at keeping out smaller gutter cloggers, like seed pods, pine needles and flower buds. A much better solution is to invest in professionally installed gutter guards.

A professional roof gutter protection system will stop all types of debris from getting caught up in your rain gutters. And some systems — including Knockout Roofing’s Leaf Slugger Protection System — come with a clog-free guarantee.

Customize Gutter Guards to Match Your Home

Professional roof guards are the most effective solution to damage-causing clogs and ice dams. And unlike DIY guards, a professionally installed system won’t ruin your home’s curb appeal.

A professional rain gutter protection system is designed to blend with the architectural elements of your home.

You can choose the ideal color and finish to integrate seamlessly with the look of your roof. White, brown, black, red, green and several other shades are available. And a professional roofing contractor will custom-build guards to fit the unique angles in your roofing.

Professionally installed guards will also last much longer than the DIY option, helping to assure you of trouble-free gutters for many years to come.

The experts at Knockout Roofing can handle all of your roof and gutter needs. Contact our Salt Lake City, Utah, office today to learn more about our professional roof gutter guards.