Can Gutter Replacement Extend the Life of Your Roof?

Gutter Replacement

Like most home systems, gutter replacement is a necessity after a certain number of years. Gutters are the main component of the water drainage system designed to preserve your roof. To keep your costly roof in ideal condition, check your gutters’ status periodically and schedule a repair or replacement when they begin to show signs of wear or begin to fail in the effort to keep all moisture away from your roof.

How Long Should Gutters Last?

According to the National Homebuilder’s Association, aluminum gutters are designed to last for at least 20 years. Copper gutters are supposed to function for longer, with a life span of 50 years or more. Since gutters are normally installed along with a new roof, that time frame should be expected to line up with the life of the roof as well. However, the amount of precipitation in the area and the size of the roof itself may cause the gutters to break down sooner than expected.

Signs of Aging Gutters

Gutters exhibit specific signs if they are not functioning as they should. First of all, pay attention to leaks from cracks or splits in the gutters’ lining. A slow drip can quickly escalate, and the resulting water flow can damage the siding directly beneath the gutters and rot the fascia boards and shingles behind and above.

Even though gutters are in contact with water during times of precipitation, they should not get rusty. Corroded gutters indicate water is not draining as quickly and efficiently as it should. The gutters may be blocked, and the pooling water could not only be rusting the gutter but allowing unwanted moisture into the underlying roof deck.

Lastly, check the alignment of each gutter from ground level. If any appears to be sagging or uneven, this may be a sign the system is not strong enough to handle the weight of the water draining off the house. They may begin to buckle or pull away from their original positions. Outfitting the home with a properly sized and precipitation-rated system can keep your roof’s drainage flowing in the correct direction: away from your home.

Schedule Regular Gutter Maintenance to Protect the Roof

While some problems are not repairable and require complete gutter replacement, taking care of your current system ensures the gutters will last as long as possible. Clean out leaves and debris at least twice per year. If your home is large and the roof is high off the ground, consider hiring a professional to do it. Always check the downspouts and drains at the foundation as well.

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