Does a Home Warranty Cover a Roof?

Home Warranty Roofing

A home warranty is an attractive deal for homeowners who want protection against unexpected costs incurred when major home system breaks down. Home warranties may be included with the purchase of a new home or transferred from a previous owner. Whether you are considering obtaining warranty coverage or exploring the limits of your current policy, you should know whether the agreement includes roof repairs or replacement.

How Does a Home Warranty Work?

Every contract differs, depending on the specifications of the company. However, some of the commonly covered items include kitchen and laundry appliances, sump pumps, toilets, electrical wiring and plumbing line issues, water heaters and pumps, whole-house fans, and air conditioning and heating systems. All of these systems typically fall under a standard plan.

To get coverage, you must pay an annual premium. If a system fails, you call the warranty company and file a claim, and they assign a trusted contractor to fix the issue. You are normally required to pay a deductible for every service call.

When a home is more than 5 years old, warranties are worth the consideration, as problems usually begin to arise at this time. Additionally, if you do not have an established connection with area contractors, the warranty eliminates the need for you to select a repair professional.

What about Roof Leaks?

While roof repairs are not typically included in standard packages, roof leaks are usually an additional coverage choice. Keep in mind, most warranties only offer limited roof leak coverage. When you notify the company of the leak, it will assign a contractor to inspect the damage, but the only repairs covered are the patching of the leak itself. If a roof requires a complete replacement, home warranties do not cover this cost. This may confuse some homeowners, since replacement is covered for other home systems such as a furnace or central air unit, but roofs are in a category all their own.

When the warranty is issued, the company may need to know the age and condition of the roof. This will most likely determine the extent of the coverage. Preexisting conditions are not recognized under all policies. Also, home warranties, even extensive ones, do not cover structural problems, and many roof problems may be placed in this grouping in the eyes of the warranty company.

Are Warranties Worth It?

It is not advisable to purchase a home warranty based on its roof leak coverage, because that aspect of it will be restricted at best. Before purchasing a new property, inspect the roof for major leaks, gather all the facts about the installation materials and the contractor who completed the job, and only purchase a home warranty based on the needs in other areas of the home.

Regardless of whether your home warranty covers roof repairs, always have a professional roof repair and installation specialist like Knockout Roofing inspect your roof before you decide to purchase a home.