What Do New Homeowners Need to Know About Roof Repairs?

Roof Damage

As a new homeowner, what do you need to know about roof repairs? Regular maintenance can add years to the average life span of a roof, and recognizing minor problems can help homeowners prevent extensive exterior and interior water damage. If you recently purchased your first home, make sure you are well informed in the following areas.

Read Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Homeowners insurance policies do not cover many types of roofing problems. In most cases, insurance will only pay for damage caused by wind, hail, rain, tornadoes and disasters deemed “acts of God.” Wildfires and vandalism are also normally covered, but insurance agencies assign inspectors who thoroughly verify roofing claims. If it is evident the damage could have been prevented through regular upkeep and maintenance, the insurance company will not take responsibility for the bill. Even when insurance does pick up the tab, the company may only reimburse a portion of the repair expenses, based on the roof’s age and depreciation.

To ensure you get maximum insurance coverage in every situation, it’s important to have “before” pictures of your roof filed away so you can provide documentation to the company in the event of a claim.

Collect All Prior Roof Replacement Documentation

You should know the date of your home’s last roof replacement, along with the name of the contractor who completed the job. Find out the type of materials used and what manufacturing warranty is in place. Before setting up a tailored roof maintenance schedule and long-term plan for the next roof replacement, you need this basic information on which to build.

Roof and Gutter Maintenance is Essential

Walk around the perimeter of your roof on a regular basis, checking for loose, cracked or missing shingles. Use binoculars to view heights – never climb on the roof. If your roof is over 10 years old, hire a professional contractor to complete annual inspections.

If you live in a wooded area, clean your gutters at least twice per year. Blocked gutters and downspouts can push water under the shingles at the roof’s edge. Water can penetrate the roof deck and make its way into your walls, ruining insulation and drywall and/or creating a mold problem.

The Roof is Important

As the major defender against the elements, your home’s roof takes the brunt of harsh weather and must not be taken for granted. If the roof is neglected, water damage may result. Not only is water damage one of the most powerful threats to your home, it can also negatively affect your bank account and home’s future re-sell value. The costs to repair water damage vary depending on the source of the problem, but don’t think filing an insurance claim will take care of the financing. Too many water damage claims signal bad news to insurance companies. Down the road when you attempt to sell the home, a prospective buyer may have a difficult time insuring the property since the company doesn’t want to take the risk on a home prone to water damage.

Awareness of roofing concerns can assist brand-new homeowners in preserving their costly investment. Contact Knockout Roofing for more information on what new homeowners need to know about roof repairs.