How to Assess Potential Roof Damage after a Storm

Every strong storm has the potential to cause roof damage.

Thunderstorms, hailstorms, tornadoes and microbursts can wreak havoc on your roof. Even storms without torrential rain or hail can cause serious damage, as heavy wind alone can be just as destructive.

roof damage after storm

After a summer storm passes, it’s a good idea to check the condition of your roof. Any potential breach that goes undetected leaves your home vulnerable to water damage and mold.

Check for Signs of Roof Damage from the Ground

Not all signs of damage are as easily noticeable.

Take a walk around the perimeter of your home and check for signs of storm damage. Scan the lawn for shingles or other roofing materials that may have been knocked loose. Next, check the gutters, looking for dents, sags or sections that are no longer attached to the roof.

As you inspect your property, look for broken branches, fallen debris and damage to your patio or deck. If you see any, the storm may have caused damage to your rooftop.

Look for Roof Damage from Inside Your Home

Even if your roof appears undamaged, you may not be in the clear. Heavy wind or hail might have caused a problem you can’t see from the ground. So the next step is to check for signs of roof damage from inside your home.

Head up to the attic and look for leaks. If you see any active leaks, call right away for an inspection and roof repair.

Next, examine the ceilings and walls carefully, using a flashlight to look for water stains. Water stains are signs of a bigger problem. If the cause isn’t identified and repaired, the damage will continue, potentially rotting wood, causing mold growth and degrading the structural integrity of your home.

Call a Professional for a Rooftop Inspection

The only way to accurately identify roof damage is to climb up and do an inspection. But don’t try this on your own.

Storm damage can weaken a roof, making conditions unsafe. Plus, the shingles may be slippery or loose, causing you to fall and sustain a serious injury.

After a big storm, don’t leave your roof’s future to chance. Instead, call an experienced local roofing contractor for an inspection. The Knockout Roofing team has the know-how to safely navigate the structure and assess the potential need for roof repair or replacement.

If you have damage, contact your homeowners insurance company to file a claim. If you need emergency roof repair before an insurance representative visits to assess the situation, keep the receipts so that you can be reimbursed for the expense.

Knockout Roofing, a trusted professional Utah contractor for over 15 years, offers free estimates for emergency roof repair. Contact our Salt Lake City office today for a prompt assessment of your summer storm roof damage.