How to Prevent Roof Damage from Squirrels 

If you have a squirrel problem at your Utah home, roof damage could become an issue for you.

How to prevent roof damage from squirrels

These little critters might be cute, but they can use their sharp teeth and claws to work their way through shingles and destroy both your roof decking and underlayment. Fortunately, Utah roofers know a few tricks for getting rid of rooftop rodents.

Trim Your Trees

Watch the squirrels in your yard for a bit and you’ll be able to see how they’re getting up on the rooftop. Most often, trees are to blame.

If you have any long tree limbs or branches that extend over or near your rooftop, you may be able to prevent roof damage by trimming them. Remember, however, that squirrels are good jumpers. To be safe, leave at least 8 feet between the nearest branch and the rooftop.

Get Rid of Your Bird Feeders

Bird feeders don’t just attract birds — they provide an easy source of food that attracts squirrels to your yard.

To decrease the chance of your rooftop being overrun with rodents, consider getting rid of your bird feeders. You might miss seeing your feathered friends flying in for a visit, but you’ll appreciate not having to deal with roof damage.

Install Squirrel Guards

Trimming your trees and eliminating bird feeders will help, but it might not eliminate the squirrels from your yard or keep them off the rooftop.

To discourage the critters from seeking shelter in your trees, consider installing squirrel guards. Securing a sheet metal wrap around the bases of trees and poles can help prevent roof damage, as it makes for a surface that’s too slippery for squirrels to climb.

Cover Cables and Wires

Squirrels can easily scamper up most of the many wires and cables running up the side of your house.

To prevent roof damage, you’ll need to block their access to the rooftop from every avenue. Take several 2-foot sections of PVC pipe and saw through them lengthwise. Pull the sections apart slightly, then clip over any exposed cables and wires. The PVC pipe will spin and knock off any curious squirrels.

Seal Rooftop Entry Holes

Rooftop damage from squirrels isn’t limited to the outside. Rodents often gnaw their way inside, destroying the underside of the roofing structure and shredding attic insulation.

Check the rooftop and exterior walls for any potential entry holes and cracks. If you see any, seal them, but only after making a lot of noise to be sure no squirrels are still inside. Don’t skip small cracks and holes, as these wily rodents can get in through even small openings.

After more than 15 years of providing residential and commercial rooftop services to customers throughout Northern Utah, the Knockout Roofing team has seen many homeowners pay the price for not getting rid of squirrels on their rooftop.

If you have a squirrel problem, contact us and set up an appointment for a free, no-pressure consultation. You can trust our expert team to inspect your roofing and let you know if any repairs are needed. For more information on how to prevent roof damage contact our Salt Lake City office today to schedule a consultation.