How Your Roof Aids in Fire Protection

No matter the element, whether it’s wind, rain or snow, your roof is meant to protect your building. There’s another element that can be added to the list, even if home and business owners may not consider it as often: Fire protection.

At Knockout Roofing, we boast a wide variety of residential and commercial roofing products that can help keep you safe from any and all fire risks year-round (that’s right – these are important even during the winter). Let’s look at a few roofing factors you should be considering when fire protection is a priority for you.

roof aids fire protection

How Shingles Help

There are a few types of shingles out there, but the most common and popular around the United States are known as fiberglass-asphalt shingles. These are all rated against fires, meaning they’ll hold together and will not allow pieces to burn or fly off – this protects both the building and surrounding areas from burning embers that may fly off other surfaces.

These shingles are specifically called Class A-rated shingles, and they’re technically not “fireproof” – rather “fire-resistant,” which means they won’t contribute to the spread of a fire to any other location. It’s a bit unreasonable to expect shingles to totally prevent fires altogether, but they will help keep it dormant by refusing to slide off, break, crack, warp or otherwise expose the underlying roof deck. Both your interior areas and nearby exterior areas will be protected.

Now, it should be noted that shingles not A-rated should be avoided if fire resistance is important for you. These may allow flame to spread to unsafe areas.

Outdoor Fire Conditions

In addition to ensuring you have the proper shingles installed on your roof, it’s important to take some basic steps to avoid promoting fire-feeding conditions outside your building. This is particularly true if you are anywhere near power lines, electrical boxes or any form of utility that may have increased fire risks.

We recommend keeping an eye on things like overhanging tree branches, tall shrubs and bushes that are near your building. Cut these back regularly to avoid them contacting the building itself, and also gather up dry leaves during fire season to avoid kindling being present.

Fires Originating Indoors

In some cases, fires can originate indoors. In these situations, the flames will have a chance to build up on many other materials before they reach your shingles – to combat this, we recommend installing fiberglass attic insulation that will stop the flames once they reach this point. The nonflammable glass will completely block flames even as its paper backing burns off.

For more on your roof and protecting your building from fire risks, or to learn about any of our roofing services, speak to the pros at Knockout Roofing today.