Identifying and Assessing Roof Leaks Early

At Knockout Roofing, we’re here to help with all areas of roofing repair for your building. We know full well the risks of ignoring a simple issue like a roof leak, and we’re here to repair it for an affordable cost before it spirals into something much more significant.

To truly keep your roofing system well-maintained and protecting everyone in your building, however, we need your help. Being diligent about keeping an eye on your roof, both literally and figuratively, benefits both you as a building owner and us as your roof professionals – it allows us to assess roof leaks and other concerns well before they become larger, more expensive concerns. Let’s go over some of the top signs you should be keeping an eye out for when it comes to preventing leaks on the roof.

identifying roof leaks early

Visual Inspection

The most valuable tools you have at your disposal here are your eyes, as many water leaks in the roof can be easily detected with a visual examination. Many of the most common roofing leaks take place around loose flashing, degrading shingles or other worn down areas, which they soak in through and begin to load up with water.

You don’t even need to risk your safety to do a basic visual inspection here. You can do this from the ground, or use a small ladder with people holding down the base for safety if you’re comfortable – you never have to go up higher than your gutters here. All you’re looking for are signs of damage like missing shingles, visible leak areas, or curling and other warping on roof areas.

Odor Detection

If the eyes are your primary investigative tools, your nose isn’t far behind. Many water leaks will quickly begin giving off odors, the most common of which are mold and mildew smells that may come off as musty in many rooms. These are often accompanied by dark brown water stains on areas like walls, ceilings and even doors, though for some hidden areas you may notice the smell before you ever see these stains.

While it’s fine to use a spray like Lysol to cover this poor odor, do not assume this has simply solved the leak issue. Rather, contact our pros right away.

Attic Considerations

One of the key areas to check for leaks is the attic if your building has one. You may see brown stains or other coloration issues on the undersides of your roof, such as sheathing or insulation areas.

If You Find Problems

If you do notice leaks, even small ones, we recommend calling our pros right away. Even a small delay in assessing these leaks may cause them to expand significantly, whereas repairing them right away can save you major time and hassle down the line.

For more on locating leaks in your building’s roof, or to learn about any of our commercial roof repair services, speak to the pros at Knockout Roofing today.