Importance of Proper Ventilation for Roofing Systems

With the Utah summer quickly approaching, your home or building’s roof takes on increased importance in different ways than over the winter. The roof is now one of your top assets in terms of protecting your home from the heat, and a big factor in allowing this to happen properly is ensuring your roof has the right ventilation technology.

At Knockout Roofing, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of commercial and residential roofing packages to improve or upgrade any area of your roof’s performance. Let’s go over why ventilation is important, both for your comfort and the long-term viability of your roof, plus some options available for ventilation and the potential issues that can arise if you don’t ensure proper ventilation. 

importance ventilation roofing systems

Ventilation and Your Roof

Roof ventilation is primarily in charge of maintaining air flow and circulation around roofing areas. This is beneficial for a few important reasons, from ensuring too much heat doesn’t flow down into your home to preventing condensation from building under the roof. When your roof is properly ventilated, your cooling system will work more efficiently due to less heat making its way into the living space.

Roof Ventilation Options

There are a few types of common vents available that pertain in some way to your roof or the nearby areas:

  • Roof vents: Vents that connect to the roof itself and allow hot or highly humid air to escape through the attic. These vents are primarily used to protect the roof from damage.
  • Ridge vents: Vents placed underneath the roof to make sure it’s ventilated and will not become overheated or filled with moisture that cannot escape.
  • Intake vents: Vents that allow for effective air movement and increase overall roof performance.

Issues With Lacking Ventilation

There are numerous issues that can result from lacking ventilation, including all of the following:

  • Damage issues: Hot temperatures that are not cooled in any way by ventilation may lead to significant damage to the roof itself, including expansion of roofing joints or wood beams, shrinkage or blistering of shingles, general damage to flashing and several other areas. In some cases, this damage will be so significant that it will require replacing the entire system.
  • Water concerns: If your roof is significantly damaged, your home or building is susceptible to leaks and potentially major water damage during storms.
  • Cooling costs: When heat is allowed to push down into your home through the roof, your cooling and utility costs will almost certainly increase, possibly significantly.
  • Humidity, moisture and mold: In other cases, weakened ventilation will allow excess humidity to build up in certain areas, often giving way to mold formation. Not only is mold harmful to human health, it can also weaken your roof sheathing and separate plywood layers, creating another repair area you may have to deal with.

For more on why ventilation matters for your roof, or to learn about any of our re-roofing services or roofing repair offerings, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.