Install a Skylight When You Get Your Roof Replaced

Skylight Installation

If you have a roof replacement already scheduled, that’s the ideal time to put in a window to the sky.

You can brighten up your living areas with extra daylight, adding attractiveness and warmth to any room. It’s an investment that will enrich your life and give your home more natural light — a sure draw if you’re thinking about selling the property anytime soon.

Don’t Try to Install a Skylight On Your Own

Many people think you can install a skylight by yourself, as a fun weekend project. Any professional roofer or construction contractor will tell you this is not a good idea, since you could seriously injure yourself if you fall off the roof.

Also, installing a skylight requires experience and precision. If you don’t have a background in roofing or construction, it’s best to leave it to a professional so you don’t damage your roof and attic and have to pay to correct your mistakes.

Select the Right Location

Skylights cannot be installed just anywhere on a roof. They must be cut in between your roof’s rafters. This requires knowledge of roof construction and accurate placement according to a blueprint.

If you are planning your skylight installation to coincide with a re-roofing project, your contractor can offer you different locations on the roof where a skylight may fit with the design.

Make sure you consider how the skylight will look from ground level if you plan on installing it on the front roof surface of the home. Most experts recommend avoiding installing on the roof surface that faces the street, especially for homes with a traditional style.

Many areas in your home could benefit from a skylight. Homeowners commonly place skylights where additional natural light is helpful for carrying out daily tasks, such as in the bathroom or kitchen. If these spaces are dark, you may need to use a lot of electricity during daytime hours, but a skylight can help.

Placing a skylight in a family room or bedroom is also a wise choice. Skylights make the room seem bigger and add depth.

Invest in a High-Quality Product

You don’t want your skylight to drive up your heating and cooling bills. Additionally, you don’t want a weak design to lead to moisture buildup between the glass panels. Eventually, mold could develop, and rot could set in soon after.

Buy a skylight with top-rated insulation features and positive reviews from other homeowners.

Flashing Is Important

Here is another reason you should leave skylight installation to the professionals: The type of flashing used and how it is installed could be the main predictor of whether you will end up with roof leaks.

Your roofing team will determine the exact type and amount of flashing that is appropriate, based on the design and the roof’s pitch. These are calculations you may not be familiar with, and it’s best not to leave anything to chance when it comes to protecting your roof from moisture infiltration.

Trust an Experienced Team

If you want to install a skylight during your next roofing repair or replacement, talk to Knockout Roofing about your options and to coordinate the details of the project.