When Does Insurance Cover Roof Repairs?


Whether your insurance covers roof repairs can be a critical question if you spot a leak in your roof. Each insurance policy differs in its coverage and exclusions. The best course of action is to check your policy and call your insurance agent as soon as you notice any damage, but following is a detailed list of which disasters are normally covered, and what you can expect throughout the claims process.

Why Is the Roof Leaking?

If your home experienced a disaster such as a fire, a roof replacement is covered. If a falling tree struck the roof, repairs are covered and a full replacement may be as well, depending on the scope of the damage. For the most part, insurance companies will only elect for a roof replacement if a natural disaster completely ruins the roof. If there is a chance the roof can be salvaged with a repair, they usually will follow that course of action.

If water is leaking into your home from the roof, most homeowners insurance policies will cover interior damage and the cost of exterior repair as well. However, if the leak is a result of inadequate maintenance or roofing material installation, homeowners insurance policies will not take financial responsibility.

How Old Is the Roof?

When determining reimbursement costs, insurance companies may question the age of the roof. If the roof has outgrown its warranty or is over 10 years old, they may depreciate repair costs. Comprehensive policies may not make this distinction, so it is important to know your specific coverage parameters before damage occurs.

How Many Estimates Are Needed?

The expected number of roof repair estimates differs among insurance companies. Some organizations employ licensed contractors to investigate and send them an estimate directly and they will use their contractor to repair the home. If the homeowner wants to employ a roofing contractor of their choosing, they may be required to submit multiple bids to the insurance company for approval. An insurance company will only pay for repairs completed by licensed and insured roofing companies.

When Does the Insurance Company Pay?

Before issuing payment, insurance companies may send an adjuster to evaluate the damage in person. The adjuster will write up an itemized list of all materials and labor costs required and submit it to the insurance company. After receiving your deductible payment, the insurance company will then directly pay a contractor the fee needed to complete the repair. In some cases, the insurance company instead may send you a check directly after receiving the adjuster’s estimate and subtracting the amount of your deductible, and then you would pay the contractor directly.

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