Is Roof Repair Possible in the Winter?

From early spring to late fall, roof repair crews can be seen at homes throughout northern Utah. Once winter comes, however, you don’t see too many roofers at work. Does that mean roofing isn’t possible at this time of year?

Roof Repair 

Not at all. While rooftop work is more dangerous in snowy and icy conditions, experienced roofers — such as the professionals on the Knockout Roofing team — absolutely can complete a roof repair in the winter. If your roof springs a leak or becomes damaged, you won’t have to wait until spring to preserve the integrity of your home.

However, before scheduling the repair, professional local roofers will consider a few factors.

Is the Roof Repair Necessary Now?

Many roof problems should be addressed as soon as possible in order to prevent the damage from worsening. Roof leaks, damaged underlayment and missing shingles are examples of issues that need immediate attention.

With some minor roofing problems — such as shingle blistering or granule loss — the situation may not be quite as dire.

When scheduling a wintertime roof repair, professional roofers take the severity of the problem into consideration. Urgent issues are prioritized, but due to the potential danger of roof work in the winter months, less critical fixes are often better left for early spring.

Are the Conditions Safe for Roof Repair?

Before coming out to complete a repair, professional roofers have to think about the weather. If a snowstorm hits the greater Salt Lake City area or the conditions are particularly icy, roof work may have to wait a day or two.

Preserving the integrity and stability of your roof is crucial — but roofing crews have to stay safe. If weather conditions will put the roofers at a greater risk, repair must be delayed.

Will the Temperature Affect the Roof Repair?

Temperature is also a factor for winter roof repairs — if it’s too cold, rooftop work can be more difficult.

Professional roofers can work in extremely chilly weather, but nail guns often can’t. When the temperature is below freezing, roofing crews may have to turn to hand-nailing — a process that takes longer and adds to the overall repair cost.

In addition, cold temperatures can affect some roofing materials. For instance, certain types of roof shingles may not seal properly until the weather warms up, leaving the roof vulnerable to damage.

Before working on a rooftop in the winter, professional roofers have to consider the temperature and the affect it may have on the repair.

Does your roof need to be repaired now? Don’t wait for spring to arrive, or the problem could get worse. Instead, make an appointment with the professionals at Knockout Roofing, northern Utah’s leading residential and commercial roofing contractor.

The Knockout Roofing team can meet all your roofing needs — even problems that crop up in the middle of winter. Our expert roofers provide top-quality workmanship at an affordable price, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is beyond compare. Contact our Salt Lake City office to schedule a free evaluation and roof repair estimate today.